Have you ever been caught by roommate? Well, I have and I can not wait to tell you how nasty it got.  You see, I had been renting an apartment with my friend Kelly.  We had agreed to split everything right down the middle and it was working.  There was never a problem with the way we walked around the house because it was just the two of us living there.  After about 3 or 4 months, I noticed that her boyfriend had begun to stay over like about 5 nights a week.  Now, I did not have a problem with him at all, he was a cool guy.  However, we were splitting the bills by 2 and since he was staying so often, it was only fair for us to divided the bills by 3.   There was a little hesitation on their part but they finally both agreed.

So there it started, I now had 2 roommates.  Now let me tell you all about how I was caught.  We had all been living together for about a month, and kind of had a good routine going.  I knew that normally on Monday’s everyone leaves the house by about 11 AM.   We were all students at the time so they both had day classes and then they both worked until well after 12 AM.  So let’s just say I learned to love my Monday’s.   This particular Monday evening I had gotten off the phone with my boyfriend and I was not happy.   He was supposed to come over and take care of this ebony pussy, but he was not going to be able to make it until tomorrow.   Horny and pissed I laid on the bed with my pussy pulsating and begging to cum.

My body was on fire!

I slid my hands over my thin camisole and felt the hardest of my nipples.  They were so sensitive and needed to be sucked.   Gosh, I could not believe how horny I was.  Sliding the strap of my camisole off my shoulder I cupped my supple breasts and squeezed them.  I ran my tongue across my nipple, before sucking the entire ebony nipple into my mouth.  I moaned as my hard nipple left my warm mouth.   My body was on fire as I rolled over on my tummy and stuffed my pillow between my legs.   I ground my pantied pussy on that pillow, loving the friction.

Caught by roommate

I was in my own little world, masturbating my pussy with my pillow between my legs.   While enjoying my own ebony body I noticed from the reflection in the mirror my roommate was there watching.   No, it was not Kelly, but her boyfriend.   Yes, I was caught by roommate, but the one with a fat dick.   I was startled but not ready to stop.   It just turned me on more to see him practically drooling and stroking his fat dick on my doorway.  He walked in and closed the door behind him.

He came behind me and started to stroke my nipples with his fingertips.  His hard cock grinding up against my wet panties had me fucking ready to take every inch of him.   Pulling my panties to the side he began to lick my pussy and asshole until I was begging for him to fuck me.   Propping me up on my had and knees he slid that fuck stick inside of my pussy and began to fuck the hell out of this ebony pussy.   Grabbing my waist and thrusting harder and deeper until his balls bagged my clit into orgasm.   My tight pussy gripped his cock and he could not help but explode in my pussy too.   Leaving his hot cream pie load in my pussy.   As we laid there my phone rang, it was my boyfriend.   I answered with my roommate’s cock still in my pussy.  OMG, he is outside!

My boyfriend came to surprise me!

I pushed my roommate out of my pussy and out of my room.   I could not believe he was here.   Wiping off my pussy I put on my robe and opened the door.  He came in kissing my lips and pushing me into my bedroom.    I told him why don’t we take a shower together first, but he pushed my back on the bed that I had just been fucked on and went face first for my pussy.   He had no idea I had been caught by roommate and then fucked.  I watched his tongue lick that ebony cream pie pussy and I was turned on and ready for another round.

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