Was There Ever a Time You Had to Endure a Hard Sexy Punishment?  

There is a time when everyone has been bad and has to endure a hard sexy punishment.  We don’t like getting a punishment but sometimes it’s the only thing that will teach us to behave.

Like the time I caught my neighbor in my sister’s room. There was no other way around it. Let me start by saying, it was actually the husband who I caught. He was a piece of work, to say the least.

So, the neighbor could be quite mean so I felt I was only giving him back what he gave.  This neighbor blackmails wife of many years because she stepped out on him.

It all started when things began to bloom.

I’ll never forget when Vanessa started to change. However, when she started to develop, my parents weren’t the only ones who took notice. Her breasts started to become perky and somewhat round. Normally so nonchalant about what she wore around the house, she suddenly became quite aware of her body and tried to hide it.

You can’t hide forever!

However, she couldn’t hide her body from everyone, especially our next-door neighbor.  Whenever we would play outside, I’d see him staring at us.

One day, I left work to go home and rest up before a sister date with Vanessa. My room was to the right of Vanessa’s room. I envisioned a bed in my immediate future. However, when I went up the stairs, I saw my sister’s door closed and the lights were on.

Funny, Vanessa was not even supposed to be home this early. I walked in and almost screamed out of fear and rage. The nasty creepy neighbor was going through my sister’s bra and underwear drawers. His pockets were full and some panties were sticking out of the tops of his pockets.

It was time this creep got payback, but my version!

His mouth opened and closed as he looked for the appropriate excuse. Quickly, I shut the door and placed my back against the door to prevent him from leaving.

Next, I ordered him to take out the panties in his pockets. Just as I thought, there were several pairs of panties in his pockets. The neighbor admitted to me that he had been looking at my sister for so long. He couldn’t stop looking at her body and wanted to come and see if she wanted to go out for ice cream. I could smell the bullshit coming from his lips and was about to call him out on the carpet.

Down with the pants for a hard sexy punishment.

Sternly, I ordered my neighbor to undo and drop his pants to the floor. He knew arguing would have been futile. When his pants and white undies fell on the floor, I knew why his wife had stepped out on him. There was certainly nothing to write home about down there.

I took out my phone and snapped a picture of him and what he didn’t have. On the inside, I was laughing so hard at this pathetic wimp. This pervert had to pay now. At my stern orders, he got on the bed on his hands and knees. His asshole looked so tight. I wanted to tear it up.

Next, I stuffed some white panties into his mouth and took another photo. Thankfully, he didn’t go to take them out of his mouth. I didn’t want to hear him at all.

He got his hard sexy punishment and then some!

One hard sexy punishment wasn’t going to be enough. I thought of all the times in the future I could make him do my dirty bidding. However, now I had this sissy in front of me.  Scanning the room, I saw a belt and one of my sexy dildos. I’d have to deal with why my dildo was in here later.

I whipped his ass several times until he cried. His ass looked so red. Not wasting time, I slipped my dildo into his tight ass and fucked him hard. He screamed and begged for me to stop. I think all of the pent-up energy drove me forward. I snapped yet another photo.

Oh, there was still more that I could do to him before my sister got home. He wasn’t going to get away with this. This sexy hard punishment was only the beginning.


So now it’s time for your hard sexy punishment. I love taboo phone sex and cannot wait to hear from you soon.

 Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke