Catholic Prayer -Oh the Devotion and Dedication.

Catholic religious play, in particular, requires a very somber frame of mind. It needs a disciplined mind. Prayer, devotion, the need to please someone greater than yourself. The desire to confess your dirty, nasty, naughty secrets. It’s the intensity of it all that gets me feeling so hot and wet. The need to repent and cleanse the soul through fire, through prayer, and self-mutilation.

Anyone can say “Hail Mary full of grace” but to really mean it, to feel it through your voice and your entire being makes it so invigorating. Let me give you an example if I may…..

We are very strict in our Catholic household. It’s me, my sister Brooke, and our father. Tonight we’re getting ready to partake in a late-night prayer at church. He instructs us to get ready just the way he wants us. First, we strip completely naked and oil up our bodies. Massaging and rubbing that oil into our skin, our hands roaming over our entire body. The whole time periodically chanting “Lord God forgive me on this holy night.” He lays our clothes on our beds. The first thing I noticed was he didn’t lay out any panties or bra. On my bed was a black skirt so short my tight ass would hang out of it, a short-sleeved white top that showed my flat stomach, a white pair of ankle socks, and a bright white clean pair of sneakers.

I shook my hips into the tight skirt, slipped on my shirt, and tied my shoes as tightly as I could.

In the living room, Father circles us making sure we’re dressed and prepared to his liking. Before heading out we breathe deeply, relishing our feelings and what we are about to do on this holy night. We make the sign of the cross across our bodies and chant reverently “In the name of the Father, in the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.”

And then we’re off to Church…

When we get there I walk first, then Father, then Brooke. She releases the lever and we kneel together as a family. We sit completely erect. Our bodies are touching from our ankles to our thighs. We interlock our arms and place our hands in the prayer position clutching our rosary beads tightly in our hands. We take in the omnipotent presence of God.

Bowing our heads we pray intensely in our minds. Savoring every moment interlocked together in devoted reflection on our sins and the love God has for us. Then Brooke and I chant a few prayers back and forth. We chant the words so intensely that their vibrations can be felt throughout the entire desert room. Our words echo off the pews, the floor, and bounce back to us off the walls with incredible power. It was palpable.

And as we pray, as the energy builds, we need a release. Father gets behind me, holding me as tightly as he can. He plunges his pulsing cock deep inside my wet pussy. Brooke gets behind him with the double-sided strap-on she was ordered to bring. The three of us pump out all of that built-up energy and we release in an explosion of passion…..

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