My New Cash Pig Slave

My best friend just got married to her long time boyfriend, Nick. The newlyweds seemed to be so happy and in love. That’s why I got such a shock when Nick tried to fuck me. I couldn’t believe he would break his vows only after two weeks of marriage. I was pissed off for my best friend who I knew would be so loyal to her man. The bachelorette party I threw was more of a wild bukkake party because I knew that would be her last time with another man or men in this case. I’m sure Nick had an opportunity to get wild at his bachelor party so I figured cheating would be out of his system a little longer than this. I decided to get back at him by making him my cash pig slave but not before I had my way with him. 

“Just in the Neighborhood”

I wasn’t expecting anyone when I heard my doorbell in the middle of the afternoon. I opened the door to see Nick standing there shirtless, sweaty, and out of breath. It took me a second to realize he must have been jogging. “Hey, beautiful”, he said with a huge smile, “I was just in the neighborhood and thought I’d stop by to say hello.” I knew right then what he had planned so I invited him in, curious to see how this would play out. I led him to the kitchen where I got him a glass of water. As he guzzled it down, I couldn’t help but admire his tan chiseled chest and arms. I suddenly wanted to kneel in front of him, pull his shorts down, and bob my head on his cock but I restrained myself. He was one guy that was off-limits. 

“I have to admit,” he began, “I can’t stop thinking about how your body looked in that dress you wore to the wedding. It hugged your curves in all the right ways.” I didn’t know what to say, I didn’t want to encourage him but the way he was looking at me made my heart race. He walked closer to me, put his hand on my chin, and leaned in for a kiss. I turned my head to dodge it so he kissed my neck instead. I closed my eyes as he slowly made his way down to my bare shoulder. Then I snapped out of it, I pushed his sweaty chest. “You’re married to my best friend! This would crush her!” I yelled at him. “She’ll never find out,” he tried to reason with me and pulled me into him once again. 


He was so hard to resist. His musky, manly smell was intoxicating and I was yearning to feel his cock inside of me. As he kissed me again, I started to reason with myself. Of course, my best friend would never find out, neither of us would say a word to her. I could also blackmail him and financially benefit from this. Nick is very wealthy, making him my cash pig slave would not even phase him. 

Before I knew it, he lifted my blouse off then snapped my bra off quickly. He roughly, hungrily sucked on my nipples and he dropped my jean shorts to the floor. Now, I need this but I also need him to pay up to keep this secret. I yanked off his gym shorts and boxers in one swift pull and his huge stiff cock bobbed up and down. I dropped to my knees and just as I was about to wrap my lips around his thick dick I looked up at him. “I’ll suck you and let you fuck me under one condition,” I told him. “Yeah, anything,” he panted, obviously anxious to feel himself inside my mouth. 

“You need to be my cash pig slave. You need to give me a credit card so you can buy me whatever I want, whenever I want. No limits. If you say no or don’t follow through, I will tell your wife everything.” 

Oink, Oink

Nick hesitated for a moment, “So, you’re blackmailing me?” he asked, shocked. Instead of answering him I slowly wrapped my lips around his throbbing dick head and sucked hard. Then very slowly put his shaft deeper and deeper down my mouth and into my throat. Just as slowly, I took it back out and waited for his response. 

“Yeah, whatever you want, I’ll be your cash pig slave. You have my word, you’ll get anything you want.” Then he grabbed my head and guided my mouth to his cock once again. I thought about my new credit card as I drained his cock. Before I let him fuck me, we went online and I bought a new designer handbag and shoes worth a couple thousand dollars, just to make sure he wouldn’t back out. My cash pig slave didn’t even blink an eye at the total. He just couldn’t wait to enter this tight pussy. He got to fuck me right there in the kitchen and I got myself a human ATM. 

Do you want to be my cash pig slave? You’ll love it, I promise. 

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