Casey’s cum eating cutie has a full belly!

So my bi bitch Jason came to play at the bar today.  He had posted an ad on Craigslist for a hook-up and was meeting his *date* at the bar.  He strolls in looking like he just bought off the mannequin at Banana Republic, and he smells delicious.  The thing about Jason is, he is a hot fuck, but he has a thing for dick.  I know you know the type. Soon he will be my cum eating slut!

He sits down at the bar and starts telling me about this guy that he is supposed to meet, and it is starting to sound a little off.  Apparently he posted as a girl, looking for a guy into forced-bi, and wouldn’t you know it, he used my pic.  He showed me a pic of the guy who was supposed to be meeting him.  Good looking, downtown attorney, married.  I could tell this was going to be my type of party.  And lucky for Jason, it was 30 degrees this morning, so there wasn’t much going on at the bar.

In walks his *date* and he immediately sees me sitting at the bar with Jason.

He walks right over to me and introduces himself as Jake.  Jake takes a seat next to me and seems a little nervous.  He says this is his first time, and he is on his lunch break, so he will need to hurry this up before he loses his courage.

I leave Jason sitting at the bar, and I take Jake back to my office and close the door.  Jake is sexy!  No wonder he is married, but I have found, many married men have fantasies that are outside of their marital beds.  Jake was no different.  He whispered in my ear that lately he has really wanted to suck cock, and he cums so hard when he thinks about it, that he slurps up all of his cum off of his hand.  I tell him to get his cock out and start stroking it for me.  I whisper all the right things into his ear and soon he is pulsing in his hand.

His eyes are closed, leaning back on my desk masturbating, so I text Jason to *cum* quick.

Jason sneaks in, and as soon as he sees Jake’s hard cock, he immediately Jason whips his out and starts jerking it too.  Within moments, Jason is panting and moaning and Jake opens his eyes.  He looks over and sees Jason’s hard cock and he freezes.  “What the”? He asks in my direction.  I tell him not to worry, but to get down on his knees and close his eyes.  Like a good first timer, he does what he is told.

I grab Jason by the dick and pull him over to Jake’s mouth, rubbing his leaking cock onto Jake’s trembling lips.  I press Jason’s hard cock in between Jake’s lips and push him into his mouth.  Jake is still stroking his own cock, hard and fast as he sucks and slurps for me.

Now I know that the lunch hour is going to be over soon, but I don’t really give a fuck! This is too fucking hot to stop, but…wouldn’t you like to know if Casey’s cum eating cutie has a full belly?

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