When I moved into my first place I had a mail man who was a real jerk! He was always late with his deliveries, constantly on his phone when ever he dropped off the mail and was just a rude asshole over all. He was so annoying and so obnoxious, that I decided to come up with a plan and teach him a lesson.

One day I opened my door just as he was placing mail in my box. It was the hottest day of the year. Sweat beads were just popping off of his face. I told him that he looked thirsty and offered the tall, cold glass of lemonade that I was holding in my hand. He hesitated at first. I’m sure he was wondering why I was being so nice all of a sudden. When he took the glass I held my breath as I watched him take a huge gulp. Before he could hand the glass back to me, he was on the ground.

I dragged the heavy fucker into my house. When he opened his eyes, I could tell that he was still a little out of it from my sweet drink that I had given him. He slurred his speech but he managed to say, “What is going on?” I told him that he was being punished for being a bad, bad mail man. I told him that he was mine for the next few hours and there was nothing he could do about it. I had both of his arms tightly tied to each of my bed posts. He looked so funny when he tried to get free. All I could do was laugh and take off my panties.

He was so vulnerable laying up there. Tied like an animal. I told him that he would not only have to kiss my ass but he would have to lick my sweet, tantalizing asshole. When I stood over him I made him stare at my ass and lick his tongue way out so I could sit on it. Thrusting my hips back and forth on his mouth, I made him lick my butt hole over and over. The feeling of having his tongue placed directly on the tightest hole of my body made me shiver.

He poked his tongue deep inside of my ass and ate me real good. He wanted to eat my pussy too, but I said that he could do that too if he did a good job with the ass worship session. His tongue fucked my ass deep, and I wanted to cum all over his face, but I decided that he wasn’t good enough for that yet. So instead of cumming on his face I sat on his rock hard cock that was standing at attention. My asshole fit perfectly over his veiny dick. I fucked him reverse cow girl, making him cum hard inside of me. Pumping my ass up and down as hard as I could, I could hear him wimper and it turned me all the way on. The milky, stick cum oozed out of my asshole and onto his pelvic area.

I made the mail man say that he worshiped my asshole and that he would do ANYTHING to be able to taste it again. ANYTHING? I immediately sat on his face and released my asshole on to him. His hot cum came pouring out of my loosened ass. I made him eat it. I made him swallow it. Then I made him sip some more of my “special” lemonade. He passed out in less than 30 seconds. When he woke up, he was on my doorstep. The taste of cum lingered on his tongue. I watched from the window as he licked his lips and stumbled back to his mail truck.

My mail was never late again and he came back for more ass licking fun the very next day!



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