My boyfriend’s wife is such a fucking bitch! When she made him break up with me because she got “pregnant”, I knew the bitch was lying just to keep me from fucking her husband’s brains out every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and every other weekend. So on the night he broke up with me I stole the key to his house.

I cased their house for a month and a half just to study their schedules. I knew what time they got up for breakfast, when she went to yoga, when he walked the dog, when they made love. I saw and studied EVERYTHING! When the opportunity finally came, I snuck into the house one night when they were out to dinner with friends. They were celebrating his birthday and the bastard didn’t even think to call me.

I knew that when they came home they would sip some wine and then head to the bedroom for the most boring sex ever made in the history of man. When I found the wine, my entire body felt warm and I felt a rush that left me almost breathless. I licked my lips as put the Special K drops into the wine bottle. It was just enough to put them out long enough for me to get set up. It was going to be a glorious night.

After looking at their sickening family photos, trying on a few pieces of her ugly clothes, laying in their bed and smelling their sheets, I hid inside of their walk-in closet and waited. I sat there patiently with my hand cuffs, rope, lube, strap-on cock, horse whip and a few other essentials for the night. I was completely naked when they walked into the bedroom.

This was my moment. They would finally recognize me and HE would finally appreciate me as the woman he truly loved. I held my breath as they took their first sips from the drug laced red wine. I started to giggle just as he was bending over to see why she had collapsed on the bed so suddenly. As he fell to his knees I came out of the closet, naked and ready to play. “Lights out bad boy”. He was out.

When they woke up there I was standing in front of them. I told them not to bother trying to move or scream. I had them both gagged and handcuffed to the bed. She started to cry, but her sniffles were drowned out by my laughter. When I slapped her, he moaned, so I slapped him. I backed all the way up so that they could both take a gander at how huge my strap on cock was. The night belonged to me and I was horny as fuck! I couldn’t wait to fuck her just the way he fucked me on those hot and steamy nights when she was home thinking he was “working late”. Then when I was done with her, I would make her watch me fuck him just the way we did on the nights filled with passion and love for each other. I might even get pregnant by him. I stopped taking the pill months ago.

There was only one question that needed to be answered, “Who would get fucked first?”

Curious about the events that happened next? I’m just dying to tell you what I did to make her squeal like the pathetic slut she is LOL!!!!!!!!!!



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