We Love Having Car Sex

You know how many people when they buy a house . And they first move in have sex in every room to properly christen the house? Well my boyfriend owns a small car dealership and unbeknownst to customers. When he sells a new car, before he hands over the keys, we always fuck in the backseat of the car. I thought it was funny when he told me he does this when I met him. But he likes to leave his mark on each and every vehicle. Now I’m not saying he leaves body juices on the car seats or anything, he doesn’t. He’s always careful to bring towels and look it over after he’s done, but car sex has always turned him on a lot.

Every Time He Sells A Car We Fuck In It

He had a love of cars his whole life and used to talk fondly of going parking with his girlfriends when he was younger. And even when he was older and got his own place and didn’t need to fuck in cars anymore. The appeal of car sex somehow stayed with him. And when he got his own dealership. He knew this was a fun and private way to really make it personal. I doubt his clients would be impressed. But as I said he’s careful and never leaves any evidence behind.

We do of course fuck in his house most times. But the cars he sells personally, not the ones the other salesmen sell. But his own sales, he fucks in the backseat of each and every one of them. He’s called me from work many times and told me to stop by the dealership. Because he sold a car today and I know what that means, car sex. It’s funny and in some of the smaller sports cars, has been a challenge. But we always make it work.

I Loved Having Fun In The Back Of The Cadillaccar sex with gisele

Last night I got such a summons to come by and I showed up .And everyone had gone home and he had a nice, big Cadillac parked in the back for us to enjoy. He had the car stereo on and I climbed in. And said it was nice to have a roomy car for a change to fuck in. He’d laid a couple of beach towels out over the seats and we got to being naughty. I took out his already hard cock and started to suck on it.  And licked the head of it with great gusto and massaged his swollen balls in my hand.

He pushed my head down on his dick and really gagged me with it until I had tears smearing my mascara, but I swallowed his load and it wasn’t five minutes before he was hard again. I was bent over the front seats and had him doing me doggy style from behind. I could feel his balls slapping my ass with every thrust as he gave me that cock and I was rubbing my clit and I came explosively and he soon was shooting another load.

This time into my cunt. He’d put a towel on the floor to catch any drippings and it’s a good thing, since it was dripping down my leg from my overflowing pussy. We then caught our breath for a few minutes laying there and then we got out and he made sure all was clean, and he said the people were coming for the car first thing in the morning. Such a naughty boy, having car sex in the new cars.

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