Being back on campus is great. Of course, I have access to the school library for my projects. It is easy to get lost in these books doing research. Recently, staying too late ended with guys capturing and using me.

I am busy studying, and it is getting late. Furthermore, as I am leaving the library, a group of drunk guys approaches me. I blow them off and try to walk away. However, they are not having it.

They start pulling on me and tearing at my clothes. At first, I am afraid, but then, I am getting into the moment. I realize I want this to happen. They are going to take me somewhere and fuck me.

It is okay if they are capturing and using me; it will be fun!

Therefore, as they are pulling and tugging me along, I barely put up a fight. In fact, I go somewhat willingly. Near the library is a public building. It is pretty much abandoned at this hour.

They seem to know this and drag me into the building. Of course, drag is an overstatement. I am going with them at this point. However, they have no clue.

In one area of the building, it is pretty dark, and they take me to that area as they are capturing and using me. Within no time, they have torn my shirt and bra off. I finally pull my own pants off, and they rip off my panties.

One thing that is working and that is their hard cocks.

Every one of them has a rock-hard meat stick ready to fuck me. Of course, my tight young pussy is wet and ready. Two of the guys are holding me as one is at my mouth and another is at my kitty.

I am happy to see, their rods are nice and big. One is face-fucking me as his buddy is plowing into my young cunt. He is slamming me hard, and I am so into it, I am cumming in no time.

Too bad I can’t send them “thank you” cards for capturing and using me. Hahaha. Seriously, how perverted am I? Most girls want to report this to the campus cops, and I want to thank these idiots for a good time!

There are at least twelve guys and one of me, so it takes a while for them all to fuck me.

And, everyone is taking a turn at fucking me. Of course, I am cumming and cumming. My legs are shaky, but I am happy as a whore on a miner’s payday. One after another, plowing away at my pussy.

After they are done and sobering up, things are getting clear. They are getting realizing they should not have taken a sexy coed like me without asking.

Of course, I am eager to put their minds at ease and explain; I was going along with their capturing and using me. They are too foggy to grasp it all but accept my compliance and run away.

I am lying there dripping cum and happy for a nice ending to my night. Of course, if you enjoyed this group sex, check out Nosey Coed Caught.

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