Nathan thought it was a good idea to be romantic and give me a nice candle lit dinner. It was thoughtful of him and it was a nice surprise but throughout dinner I kept looking at the candles. I wondered what he’d sound like as I poured the hot wax on him; would he be loud or would he bite his lip and try to take it? He seemed like the type who would try to be very manly and take it.  But you never know. After dessert he asked if I wanted to watch a movie in the living room but I said I’d rather go in the bedroom. I grabbed one of the candles and took it with me.

I placed the candle on the bedside table, then Nathan and I got undressed. He made the first move but I quickly stepped away and picked up the candle. “How about something a little different tonight?” I asked as I held the flame against his chest.

He raised an eyebrow. “You want to use candle wax on me?” he asked looking slightly put off by the idea.

I shrugged my shoulders.  “I don’t have to, I guess instead, I can lie motionless on my back and you can fuck me missionary if you don’t think you’re man enough to handle this.” I started to put the candle down but he stopped me.

“Wait.” he said, “I’ll give anything a try once.” He chuckled nervously.

I smiled and nodded my head approvingly.  “What a big boy…” I murmured as I pushed gently onto the bed.  I tipped the candle over his nipple.  As soon as it landed on him, he let out a shriek.

I put my hand over his mouth.  “Be QUIET!” I chastised him.  “Do you want my neighbors to call the police?”  He shook his head and his body tensed up as he awaited further pain.  I poured more wax on him, hitting the center of his chest. He bit his lip and muffled his scream as the wax pooled there. I let him rest for a minute then poured a line of wax from the middle of his chest to his belly button. He was breathing heavily and tears were starting to spill out his eyes.

“Just one more.” I said soothingly as I let a small drop pour along his pubic bone.

Soon, the wax started to cool and Nathan calmed down a bit.  I set the candle down on the bedside table then straddled his waist. I put my hands on his stomach, bracing myself and my fingers rested on a pool of wax. I started to ride him, his dick sliding in and out of me while he lay there breathing hard and whimpering. I don’t think he fully knew what was going on until a few minutes later when his whimpers of pain turned into whimpers of pleasure.

He reached up and put his hands on my hips, helping me move up and down as he started to buck his hips up. I went faster, my tits bouncing as I grinded my soaking wet pussy on him. He was moaning and calling out my name loudly.  He suddenly grunted and I felt his cum fill me. I clenched my pussy muscles and kept going, there was no way I wasn’t cumming after everything that I’d done. It didn’t take long and soon I was throwing my head back and crying out as my orgasm hit.

After the waves of pleasure subsided, I climbed off of him and ran my fingernails along the outer edge of a pool of wax. He whimpered as I slowly scraped the wax off of him. When I was done I washed my hands, thanked him for dinner and left.

The next day he sent me a text asking me when I was free for dinner again.

I love a man who knows his place, which is to please me.  

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