Years ago when I used to have slumber parties, talk would often turn to boys in school we liked. My best friend this one year had such a gorgeous step brother, I had such a crush on him. I joked that if she and he wanted to, they could really be fooling their parents easily and be going at it right under their nose. She laughed and said, well, actually, they were going at it night and day and their parents had no clue. Damn they were into incest !


DANAD00106As soon as they had free moments alone, they were doing it. I was a bit surprised, but I couldn’t blame her, and told her so. I was really hot for this guy. She was a bit wild and asked if I’d like to come over the next night for a sleep over, her parents were going out for the evening. I didn’t know what to expect, so said yes. I got there not long after school finished, and her parents left soon after and were going to be gone around 6 hours. They were barely pulled out of the driveway before my friend was on her knees in front of her step brother on the sofa sucking his cock. I was getting really turned on watching them. She slurped and she sucked on his young, teenage cock. Licking the head of his dick and sucking on his balls. She really worked that tongue all over him and drove him crazy.

I slid my hand down my jeans and started playing with my pussy as I watched them. My friend got on her knees on the floor and her step brother was pulling her skirt up and her panties down as he then plunged into her soaking cunt in one thrust and I could hear the wetness sounds as he pounded her pussy over and over. I got under her and started licking her clit as he fucked her and she went wild. Every few thrusts I’d take his cock out and lick her juices off of it and then guide it back in. She was plenty happy I decided to join in the fun.

He then got on his back and I got a chance to fuck him as she rode his tongue. I thought she was going to smother him she was riding his face so hard, it was hot as fuck and his cock was stretching me open a lot and it felt fantastic. They were a dirty, dirty pair and I loved reveling in their perviness with them, it was hot as hell  watching incest play right in front of me! And I hoped we could play like this again. The said a few times when their parents were asleep they’d even snuck into each others rooms and fucked. It was fun for them to sneak around and do things so risky, it added to the fun. They carried on like that for their whole teen years pretty much, until one went away to school, and then they only go to on holidays. Wish I’d had a step brother!

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