Ok, so here it is.  A little bit about my inner bad girl. I am obsessed with the thought of group sex.  Swingers, gang bangs, orgies, bukkake  fests….You name it, I bet it will make me tingle a little.  I will tell you what.  I have a bucket list.  The majority of the things listed on there are sexual.   And……the majority of the sexual involves group sex or at least sex with two or more people at one time.

I mean of course there are things on there that I have already accomplished such as:  My first girl on girl orgasm, fucking a man in all the age groups, giving and receiving head at the bar, having sex with a stripper, having sex with a stripper at the strip club HAHA! I caught a cougar a couple of times too.  Those ladies know how to fuck!

As far as what I have not done, well, the main thing I am focused on is swingers.  I want to be the slut at the bar that goes home with a hot couple!  The girl who gets the opportunity to suck a hot mature man’s cock off.  Licking his cum out of his wives snatch making her scream, squirm, and giggle as I tickle her with my tongue until she explodes with orgasm.  Watching her husband ache for more.  Bending over and letting them do what ever they want to me and my tight cunt.  Taking his cock in my ass and riding her strap on.

Tell me that is not making you touch yourself a little bit just thinking about it.  I know that is the porn I will be watching here in about five minutes.

Ready for your naughty phone sex adventure?