Finding my new favorite buttplug.

It is no secret that I LOVE a good buttplug!

They look soooo cute in my tight little asshole! I have big ones and small ones. Pink ones and purple ones. Some have diamonds, some are glass. Any kind of buttplug you can think of, I probably have it.

So I was looking at my beautiful arrangement of buttplugs, and i noticed something.

I didn’t have ANY tails!

What king of buttplug enthusiast am I?!

A shitty one, apparently.

So with my shocking new discovery I slipped on my heels and buckled their straps and I set out on a journey. In search of a new buttplug. And a furry one at that.

I went to a few of the larger stores like hustler and such. A few of them had tails, but nothing that really caught my interest.

I’m not a wolf, fox, or pig.

I might be a cat, But that still didn’t feel like “me”

It was nearing the end of my day and I still hadn’t found my tail.

Looking for a glimmer of hope, I walked into a small, hole in the wall sex shop right on main street.

There was a “not so shy” man at the desk with a long blonde ponytail and a big smile on his face

“Can I help you find anything honey?” He asked me

“I’m just looking to see what kind of tails you’re carrying. I’ve seen so many but nothing has felt right yet.”

“Follow me.” He said

We walked back to the back wall of the store. And in the far right corner was a glass box with several tails.

They had puppy, Horse, Pony, Pig, Fox, and cat tails. They were all very cute, but still nothing I wanted.

I turned around to leave and this light shined in my eye.

I looked to my right and there it was.

Everything I had hoped and dreamed of.

A beautiful white bushy bunny tail.

I grabbed it and ran to the counter with tears in my eyes.

“So I see you found what you were looking for.” The man said to me while taking my money.

I smiled as I walked out. Bunny tail in hand.

When I got home i slipped that beautiful bunny tail right into my ass and pranced around for hours.

Wanna hear more about my tail? Call me for No Limits Phone Sex!