I had been on the lookout for a butch lesbian domme for awhile.

The idea of being completely forced into submission by a masculine presenting woman. It has turned me on for years. The search thus far to locate the perfect Daddy Butch had provided no leads, unfortunately. I looked at dating sites like Tinder and POF. I went on several dates with women, all Femmes like me. Ultimately the same thing would happen once we got back to mine or her place. I would somehow yet again end up being “the top”. Don’t get me wrong, I love eating pussy as much as the next bi-sexual whore. But it just hits so much different when I get to lay back and be the pillow princess for a change. A butch lesbian domme is exactly what I need.

Monday I opened my Instagram to find a message from a new account.

I was immediately taken by how stunning and androgynous they were. Was this the butch lesbian domme of my fantasies? Their message was just a quick hello and an offer to get to know me better. My pussy tingled and got wet almost immediately. I could just internally tell that she was my new FemDom Master. My head immediately flooded with all of the kinky fun we could have together as two exceptionally hot women. I couldn’t wait to ride her rubber cock while she held my wrists above my head.

That’s when it hit me that I was getting ahead of myself. What if she was another bottom dyke?

My heart began to sink already. When will I ever find the butch lesbian domme of my dreams? Just as the panic & let down came over me, I saw I had another message from HER. It started there basically, us just chitchatting. Both she and I throwing little sexual jokes in here-and-there. I started to slowly get the impression that this sexy ass lezbo enjoyed being The Boss. Something about her tone with me, while gentle, felt very authoritarian. I almost intuitively knew to call her Sir.

It finally happened: Our First Date!

I got all dressed up in the hottest outfit I own. An ultra tight white leather mini skirt with a matching white leather tank top. No bra, itty-bitty black lace panties, and gold heels. Hair down and curly, soft make-up and tits out. Silver hoop earrings and my Playboy Bunny charm necklace that sits perfectly where my collarbones meet. I knew I was looking hot when I saw her face as I walked into the lesbian bar.

We had a few drinks and things got flirty quickly. Our vibe was just perfectly right and I had started to just make peace with the fact that I may end up wearing the strap-on yet again. that’s when she whispered in my ear, “Are you going to be a good girl or a bad girl for me tonight Dylan?”

Began to melt. If you had told me my pussy fell off and hit the floor I would have believed you.

I smiled and said I was a notorious bad girl in a tone that would make any butch lesbian domme fascinated. She paid the check, grabbed my wrist, and pulled me out of my seat. Pushing me up against the wall Sir put her tongue down my throat. Feeling up my mini skirt she let her fingers tease my cunt lips lightly before whispering it was time to go. My boots were knocked off! “She’s a BUTCH LESBIAN DOMME,” my heart cried!

When we got back to her house, Sir demanded I strip down for her.

I did, slowly creeping out of my clothes. Butch lesbian domme forced me on my knees and she came up right behind me with a big Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator. Sir explained the rules to being her new plaything clearly. Laying out one-by-one exactly what was expected of me as her sub.

I know you’d love to hear more about the rest of the romp that evening. Even maybe find out exactly what the rules & regulations for being Butch Lesbian Domme’s pain slut are. Sexy young lesbian is the hottest ever. Give me a ring today so I can tell you the rest of this steamy erotic lesbian sex story.

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