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As you know, I’m a married woman. It’s been 13 years of ups and downs. The beginning of our relationship was very juicy and erotic.  But as time went by, things started to change.  With conflicting schedules that mostly kept us apart, we barely saw each other.   And not only that, but my pussy was in a mostly sleep mode.  But that all changed the day I met her.  The day I met my very own sexy young lesbian.

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 Stretching felt so divine in yoga class this morning.  With each new movement, I found myself groaning in pleasure.  Turning my head to the right and my body to left in another deep stretch, my moan of release came up from my belly.  Opening my eyes mid moan, I found myself staring into gorgeous green eyes.  Her very young body was like a work of art, and I found myself longing to move closer to her.  As I continued to groan, her pretty pink tongue came out of her mouth to lick her luscious lips.  Catching my breath became difficult as I watched that wet tongue disappear again. I couldn’t help hoping this was a sexy young lesbian. This was turning into the ultimate fantasy sex story.

Of course, my long dry cunt was suddenly filled with juice that felt steaming hot.  And then, with each new position, we stared into each other’s eyes in what could only be described as foreplay.  The pulse of arousal continued to grow with each movement. As the class completed, I slowly rolled up my mat as the room started to empty.  Bending over as I gathered my things, I saw out of the corner of my eye her walking towards me. Moving to get up, I suddenly felt her young body pressed against my back.  Then a hand slid down my ass to my very wet cunt. My gasp of surprise and pleasure escaped from my mouth.

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When two fingers pushed against my engorged clit, my head fell back as pleasure filled my body.  Those sweet fingers stroked my sensitive flesh.  I found myself feeling gratitude for this very sexy young lesbian. An arm wrapped around my waist and held my body as I bit my lip to stop my scream as a powerful orgasm rippled through my body.  Looking around, I saw that we were alone in the room.  And then her husky voice whispered in my ear, “Meet me in the sauna.”  And, then, I stood up, and my sexy young lesbian was gone.  I hadn’t felt that turned by a woman since my cousin gave my pussy a good lashing when I was 13, which is also a very hot story that can wait till another time.

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Wearing just a towel wrapped around my sweaty body, I opened the sauna door.  My body still felt the effects of my earlier orgasm.  The room was hot and dark.  But my eyes quickly adjusted enough to see her lying on one of the benches in a towel as well. As I moved further into the room, she turned her head and smiled at me.  And then she let her towel fall open as I watched.  My sexy young lesbian’s eyes stared into mine as she began to slide her fingers between her pussy lips.

Sitting down by her head, I could feel my pulse quicken, and my pussy starts to throb.  Turning over onto her stomach, she looked up at me as her hand moved under my towel.  Her fingers slid easily into my soaking cunt.  “Ooh, Mama’s nice and wet for me.”  My groan of pleasure filled the room as I leaned back with my eyes closed. My legs fell open as pleasure filled my body. Kneeling in front of me, her hot mouth seemed to devour my juices.  A talented tongue began doing laps around my swollen clit.  As she sucked my exploding flesh in my screams of multi-orgasmic pleasure filled the steamy room…

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