.I got BUSTED Giving Road Head!

Last night I used the service Uber for the first time ever. My date and I were out late. We were also both REALLY slammed. So he suggested that I download Uber and we try it out. For those of you that don’t know what Uber is, it’s basically an app that you download for your phone so you can commission and pay a driver – some ordinary joe picking up drunks in his car – to come pick you up and get you home safely. As I found out, it’s a pretty great service! It’s also a lot of fun if you happen to like public displays of affection – like giving some juicy, hardcore road head!

Like I said. My date and I were drunk. VERY drunk. We didn’t go out on so much of a date as it was a casual get-together with some of our other friends – who just happened to think we would have a good time fucking each other. 🙂 We spent the night drinking and chatting, and before I knew it, 1 Mudslide had turned into 3 Mudslides, and we were continuing on to the “lick it slam it suck it” phase with a big bottle of Patron! All our friends were chanting as we downed shot after shot.

“LICK it! SLAM! SUCK itttttt!”

Pretty soon the whole world was spinning, and I knew I wasn’t going to be able to drive my car home. That’s when my new friend and potential fuck buddy came up with the Uber idea. I looked around, and our friends had ditched us! I couldn’t think of a better idea than Uber, so I downloaded the app, requested a driver to come to our location, and it was as easy as that! As we stood outside in the bar waiting for our ride, my date got a little daring, pushing my back against the building and going in for the first kiss. We were SO drunk, and I’ve been EXTRA horny lately! Before I knew it, making out had turned into his hands up my shirt teasing my hard nipples through my bra,  and my hands down his pants exploring his hard cock through his boxers.

Just then, our Uber driver showed up! He introduced himself as Jay, and opened the door for us so we could climb into the backseat. Little did Jay know that he was about to witness some SERIOUS Uber road head! We more or less fell into the backseat of Jay’s little car. It was close quarters, so I was practically sitting in his lap. My date turned my head gently towards him, and started kissing me again. He took my hand and slid it back into his pants. I glanced up at our driver Jay, but he was busy sending text messages while driving, and navigating around the city in the midst of “last call” traffic. I boldly started teasing and stroking his hard cock through his boxers.

Wanted so much to just lean down and take it into my mouth! He loosened his pants and pulled down his boxers, hard cock springing out!

I glanced up front again, but Jay’s eyes were firmly on the road. He seemed completely unaware of what was going on in his backseat! I reminded myself that he probably picked couples up from the bar late at night EVERY night, so even if he DID bust me? It’s probably nothing he hasn’t seen before!

I continued our defilement of Jay’s tiny backseat by wrapping my hand around my dates massively hard cock, stroking more firmly, making him moan a little. I looked up front – no reaction from Jay. Then I slyly lowered my head down so it looked like I was taking a drunk nap with my head in my date’s lap, and took his hard cock into my mouth. His hand tangled in my hair, and for a moment, I forgot everything but making that hard cock pump rhythmically into my mouth harder and faster. He was SOOOO into the dirty, elicit road head he was getting right now! I loved it!

I stopped to grab a breath, looked up into the front seat – and froze as I saw Jay’s eyes locked on me! My eyes got wide as saucers. Jay’s reaction? He threw his head back, laughing loudly, and then gave me a permissive little wink that said “go ahead! I’m enjoying the show!” My panties got SO fucking wet! I went back to that hard cock, now downing it with even more gusto. Loved knowing that Jay was watching every lick, slurp, and gag from the front seat! My date’s hips were bucking, he was moaning, and he had forgotten there was anyone else in the universe, much less the car we were riding in!

I winked at Jay from the backseat, and went to work on that cock HARD now.

I was deep throating and moaning, urging my date to cum, right there in my mouth! Did HE know the driver was watching? I have no idea. But the fact had my panties drenched in my own juices! My date’s hips began to buck and I both felt and tasted that first hot spurt of cum as he shot it all over my tongue. I greedily swallowed every last drop and sat up, wiping my mouth.

When I glanced up front? What did I see but Jay! Zipping up his pants. Looks like I got TWO guys off with my expert road head skills on the way home! My date and I hopped out of the car at my house. We were intent on going inside and continuing what was going to be an all night long fuck fest! Jay thanked us for using Uber, and then thanked me for the extra hot tip!

I gave Jay a 5 star rating on Uber, with the statement that next time, I would ask for him by name!

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