I couldn’t believe a burp fetish got him so hard.

A burp fetish, of all things. Can you believe it? I’ve always been one of the polite girls.. I mean, sure, a little flirty, a little slutty, a hell of a tease, and sometimes even raunchy, but I’ve always been good about minding my burps and everything else. However, sometimes it slips around company and it can’t be helped! Well… one time it slipped up and I burped around my boyfriend, and then it slipped again a few minutes after. I was super full! Can you blame me? There was no way I could have prepared for what happened, though.. All of a sudden, I realized he was hard from it. I eyed it a bit, and he tried to hide it, but I’m curious as all hell so I asked him..

What got you so excited?

He couldn’t even come up with a believable lie. I’d worn that dress before, I’d strutted in heels around him a million times. I wasn’t even actively being flirty or seducing him.. So all he could do was own up to his burp fetish. It caught me by surprise when he actually admitted it, but it sparked up a million ideas. I even tested it a few minutes after, finding the air and energy to let out another much larger burp.. and I saw the flicker of amusement and lust in his face. Game over. I started toying with him like a cat with yarn, burping from time to time. One time I even leaned in to start kissing his neck, and let out one just as I pulled away. He fucking loved it, and I was SO confused, but it was so much fun!

Come play with me. 

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