Burp fetish is so delicious!

Burp fetish — Uuuuuurp!  Excuse me!  I don’t know what’s come over my body!  Admittedly, I did just have a big meal.  As a matter of fact he, I mean it, is still working its way through my belly.  ‘It’ was just so delicious that it practically went down in one swallow.  But, you know what they say about the most satisfying meals giving you gas.

I can still feel my meal kicking in my tummy.  That’s what’s causing all of this gas.  It’s whipping up so many gas bubbles in there and there’s only one way out for them.  Oh, I’m so embarrassed.  You can hear my stomach gurgling from all the way over there?  It is pretty loud, isn’t it?  My stomach is shaking from the intensity.  Excuse me one moment.


Oh my! That was a big one.  Better out than in, as they say.  Still, my face is so red.  And out flies another.  And another!  I wish my lunch would stop being so stubborn and just sit still.  It’s not like he’s going anywhere.  He was far too delicious and my body will appreciate all of the nutrition he gives it.

*Gurgle gurgle gurgle*

Oh, what now?  Hmm, it looks like my body is pushing my food to the next stage of digestion.  See how my belly bulge is getting lower?  Still, this gas isn’t letting up.  There’s still much air trapped in my belly that needs to come out.  I’m sorry for being so rude but — urp — I have to get rid of it.  It’s either this way or the ‘other’ way.  And I don’t think you want to be in the same room as me if *that* happens.

Call for some taboo phone sex and get swallowed up by Crystal!