Mommy Aileen has a burp fetish.

Did you know that your ABDL Mommy/Mistress has a burp fetish? I love patting my precious widdle baby on the back and hearing that loud, long “buuuuuurp”! Doesn’t it feel nice to have all that icky air out of your cute widdle tummy?

ABDL fetish phone sex is so much fun. I love playing the part of your pretty, benevolent (yet sometimes austere, if that’s what you’re into) Mommy. I can feel how hungry you are as you suckle ravenously at my milky, pink nipples. Better slow down, my hungry widdle baby! There’s plenty of warm, creamy milk in Mommy’s soft, pillowy boobies for you.

It tickles me to hear your cute widdle baby burps. Mommy loves babying you, and you deserve to be babied. It feels so nice when I put you over my shoulder and pat your soft widdle back. I think I hear another one coming . . . don’t be shy! You can burp as loud as you like. Maybe I’ll say “P.U., stinky!” but we’ll laugh together about it.

You drank SO much milk. And you gulped it down SO fast! I bet you have another good burp (or seven) for me. Cum on now, Mommy wants to hear a nice healthy burp. Pat, pat, pat . . . I know it’s in there. Mommy loves hearing you belch nice and loud for her. It’s cute. And kinda funny. And it feels SO good to let it out, doesn’t it? It’s not healthy to keep all that trapped inside!

We can do lots of other fun things during our ABDL phonesex call, you know. Mommy can give you a bath, change your stinky diapey, powder your nice clean bummy after she’s wiped it. Oh, and we can play our special games, too. Maybe if you’re a REALLY good widdle baby Mommy will break out the toys in our special toybox?

Cum let me be your phonesex mommy. I’ll be nice or naughty. I do love ABDL humiliation, too. I’m right here, waiting for your call!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke