ABDL humiliation: because diaper-wearing freaks like you NEED honest “feedback”

Likewise, If I catch you wearing a diaper (especially a WET diaper), you’re going to get nothing but ABDL humiliation as punishment. In the first place, am I your Mommy? Your babysitter? Your older (and more experienced) sister? No, therefore It doesn’t matter in the long run. In any event,  I’m going to teach you how to be a REAL man altogether!

First, what other choice do I have BUT to fucking humiliate you?? In a word real men don’t wear diapers, and real men don’t piss themselves. Therefore you’re not a real man. On second thought, I don’t think even a MIRACLE could transform you into one. Luckily, I’m an expert at spinning straw out of gold in essence.

Unfortunately, your case is fucking HOPELESS. Not even Rumpelstiltskin could help a messy widdle baby like YOU!

What am I to do with a diaper wearing baby!

First, maybe I’ll make you suck off my hung friend. Second, maybe I’ll dress you up in girl baby clothes. Do you want to be a sissy baby? Wish granted, mother fucker. The results are in: For the most part, you ARE a baby!!!

Oh, you make me fucking sick. Good thing my REAL boyfriend is here. Furthermore, he’s going to show you how to treat a man since you’re FAILING at being one. First, open your mouth, bitch. And try not to piss yourself with excitement when he shoves his giant, hard cock in your widdle baby mouth, k?? To sum it up you are not his sissy bitch baby!

What? Do you wish I wanted anything to do with you? HA. Your best possible outcome is being my sissy baby toy, the lucky faggot receptacle of my verbal abuse, and my boyfriend’s cum. Just open your mouth and get ready to swallow, you fucking worm.

Are you going to make a mess in your widdle “diapey”?? How pathetic. How GROSS!!

Ready to cum play and let me play with you? ABDL phone sex humiliation is one of my favorite roleplay calls by and large. You know what to do, loser. Seriously, just pick up the phone and call me!! Generally speaking, I’m right here, in conclusion,  waiting to laugh my ass off at you . . .