Last year got canceled so this weekend it’s time for me to be the ultimate Bukakke BBC blonde at the fest! 

I’m not sure if you’ve had the chance to check out the line-up but I managed to suck and fuck my way across Tinder. Eventually, I earned VIP passes for all three nights. This is going to be a Bukakke BBC blonde bitch’s time to shine. Specifically, my face will be shining. I plan on getting so much jizz dumped on me that it’s going to look like I’m a glazed donut. Yes- I am excited to hang out with rappers and celebrities. However, that’s kind of my usual. The big difference between this party vs the regular day-to-day will be the sheer volume of opportunity to get wicked. 

I’m going to need a lot of BBC phone sex sessions this week to prepare. 

Probably will not be using my sex toy collection too much after Thursday so I’ll go ahead and tuck those away. Bukakke BBC blondes are the hottest commodity when it comes to events like this. It’s no secret that big black bulls love tossing a sex doll bimbo around. I’m thinking for the first night I will meet up with a few slutty friends then go solo as needed. 

I have the hottest outfits already picked out. Lots of tiny slip dresses with stilettos and skimpy panties. All of the fabrics easily stain but nothing I’m not already prepared for. I wear my cum marks like honor badges. It’s the Bukakke BBC blonde scouts now! Secret hand jobs instead of handshakes, you follow my drift? 

The past years that I have attended I was on birth control but not anymore.

It’s time for me to finally get bred by one of these rapper guys. Every single one of them that I fuck is going to nut inside of me. I probably won’t be able to figure out who the Daddy is but that’s what white loser-beta cucks are for. I have all the fun and my nerdy tiny dick boyfriend will end up raising the new addition. 

A few of the others queens here at The Kingdom are going to be staying with me too. It’s going to be super wild the entire time and we can’t wait to share all of our fun stories with you throughout the next few days. I personally can’t wait to share some massive dick with them. Sure- I could keep it all to myself but you already know I would never do that to my besties! 

On the final night is the big event. It’s a huge orgy held at one of the underground sex clubs here in MIA. Imagine hot girls completely naked just drenched in delicious cum drops. I’m literally salivating thinking about it! Well, it’s time for me to start getting ready. It’ll be my pleasure to give you an insider look at the Rolling Loud events no one posts on social media about. 

Love this blog? Want to hear more about the nasty freak shit a Bukakke BBC blonde was able to handle? You need to call me on my phone sex hotline and I’ll catch you up on everything! 


Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke