My brother has a panty fetish, do you?

It didn’t take me long to discover what a panty fetish was. Every day after school I’d go to softball practice. Practice would leave me hot and sweaty and ready to shower! I would come home and immediately throw my clothes on my bedroom floor.

Eventually, I noticed that in the morning my panties would be the only thing missing. Of course, I NEVER expected it to be my brother stealing them. He was Twenty-one at the time and I was just a teen. I knew I had to prove it was him somehow.

I went to google and searched “brother stealing sister’s panties” At the age of Sixteen I learned what a panty fetish was. When I found out what a Panty Fetish was I was shocked. Still, I didn’t quite know what he did with them.

I was determined to find out. You won’t believe what I discovered. He does have a pantie fetish!

The more my panties went missing the more curious I became. One night I went to my brother’s room and peeked through the door. What I saw completely shocked my young teen eyes. He was stroking his cock with his girlfriend’s stiletto heel deep in his throat. He had to have another fetish, probably a foot fetish, since my shoes would go missing from time to time.

I waited until his girlfriend left until I barged into his room and said “I caught you! I saw you sniffing my panties, perv!” Right in front of my eyes, I saw my brother’s throbber grow even bigger. I reached down and grabbed his cock and he admitted he had been stealing my panties for years.

He couldn’t help but beg to lick my feet and of course, I didn’t let him. Instead, I demanded he licks my panties clean. These specific panties were the ones I wore when I fucked around with boys. They had dried up cum in them from earlier in the day.

Seeing my brothers panty fetish turned me on because of his obedience.

With no hesitation, my brother licked my panties from the pussy part to the ass. It turned me on seeing him obey my order. My pussy was getting wet! I made a deal with him that I would jerk him off but ONLY if he came all over the panties and licked up every drop. He agreed just like I knew he would. I jerked him off until he exploded all over my Victoria’s Secret panties. He immediately started lapping up his cum just like a dog. We played so many times after that in so many ways BUT I’ll save that for part 2 😉

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