Nearly All of Us Want a New Slutty Girlfriend!

So, maybe not all of us want a new slutty girlfriend, do we?  Let’s face it, some of us want to learn from them, but in the end, having a girlfriend who is so slutty gives the rest of us less of a chance in the pool of guys.

However, many guys love having that new slutty girlfriend by their side. They are not only fun in bed, but they wear sexy clothes to show off their assets and don’t mind flaunting those beauties out for all to see and gossip over.

The day he brought home his new slutty girlfriend he was in trouble!

Well, the trouble started the day my brother brought home his new slutty girlfriend. This slut’s name was Rena. You could tell by how she dressed, that she had never heard of the words safer sex in her life.

Rena was beyond slutty, to the point of being annoying. My brother treated her like a queen. There is no denying that Rena was beautiful from her manicured nails to her silky smooth skin and her creamy perfect complexion.

My brother Trevor bought her everything and then some. If he could have bought her the moon, he would have done that as well as the stars. Was I a bit jealous of my brother’s slutty new girlfriend? Well, perhaps a little.

In any case, watch out if she didn’t get her way, all heck broke loose. Rena would deny him any intimate fun until he begged for her forgiveness. You could definitely tell who wore the pants in that relationship.

She made no attempt to hide how kinky she was!

There was a night I walked in on them in the living room. Mom and Dad were not home that night. She was between his legs taking his cock deep down her throat. Trevor’s head was back against the couch, an expression of pure ecstasy on his face.

To be honest, when I thought about it, I think Rena knew I was jealous of her. She would be right. I didn’t like the fact she was taking my brother away. Trevor and I had so many adventures together.

One night I came home from a bad date!

I walked in late from a bad date. That will be for another story. The date was just so bad I will come back later on that. Anyway, I go to my room to lie down for the night. When I opened my door, I saw my brother fucking his new slutty girlfriend on my bed!

Now if there is anything I’m particular about is someone on my bed that I didn’t invite. I was willing to overlook the fact that things were going missing.  First, it was my new makeup, then some of my jewelry went missing.

However, this was enough to make me so mad. As punishment, I told my brother that I had enough evidence to take to all of our friends if he didn’t get out. Of course, he begged for me to be lenient.

Now I’m in charge of my brother and his slutty new girlfriend!

Now, I was the one holding the reigns. I made each of them spread their legs to masturbate. I love watching a good show. His dick glistened with the juice of her pussy on it. I quickly stripped and got on top and rode his dick as his shocked girlfriend watched, mouth open.

Next, I made her suck his cock with my pussy juice all over it. He was getting so turned on having his cock sucked, but when I pushed her head away I could see the anguish of torture come over his face. I could tell Trevor wanted to cum so bad.

I was feeling the thrill of making her suck my pussy juice off his dick. Feeling bold, I slipped his dick slowly into my ass and rode him till his dick was covered in my ass juice.  His slutty new girlfriend knew her role as I made her suck my ass juice off of his dick.

He wanted release but would find none.

I didn’t feel any sympathy for my brother who was hurting very badly by this time. His balls looked so full, almost ready to burst. Can you imagine all of the things I made them do that night? Let’s just say toys were involved for both of them. Rather than divulge everything here, why not get together with me so we can discuss and have some fun?

I’ll be your slutty new girlfriend. So then, are you ready to come over for some hot fun?  Come back in time for some hot one-on-one teen phone sex!

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