My Brother Was Going To Blackmail Me

My brother had gotten me a job at his friend’s company and it was going fairly well. But I soon realized I could be making a lot more if I had the clients personally. And not through his friend, and I started to deal with them on my own time. Circumventing his friend entirely and my brother found out about it. He knew his friend would be livid if he found out. So he blackmailed me to stop it or he’d tell his friend and I’d be fired. I asked what exactly he intended to blackmail me with since I couldn’t imagine what .And he got an evil grin on his face and said his girlfriend was bisexual and she’d had her eye on me.

My Pervert Brother Wanted To Watch Us Play

Now that I was not expecting. He said his girlfriend wanted to play with me and as an even kinkier twist. He wanted to watch. I was shocked, but I needed that job and couldn’t afford to get fired over the clients I’d stolen. He said they’d be waiting at home that evening for me. He said he wouldn’t touch me, but he was going to masturbate as he watched me and his girlfriend together. I didn’t see much choice, so went along with the blackmail.

She Laid Me Back And Kissed Me All Over

I arrived and his girlfriend answered the door in some skimpy lingerie .And wasted no time ushering me to the bedroom where he was seated in a chair off to the side of the bed for prime viewing. She sat me on the bed and undressed me. She was very pretty and gentle as she did . My nipples surprised me by becoming erect as she removed my bra. She laid me back and began to kiss me all over. I couldn’t believe my brother was only two feet away and touching his cock watching us together. But this was the price for my stealing his friend’s clients. He had a big cock, I hadn’t seen it since we were kids. And it was a nice looking one, his cock was really turning me on.Blackmail Dana

I felt her kiss her way down my body and to my pussy lips. And she opened them with her tongue and they opened up like a butterfly’s wings with their own moisture. She licked at my clit and teased me with her fingers and I looked over and saw his pre cum drooling down over the sides of his cock as he stroked himself as he watched his sister and his girlfriend playing on the bed.

I Came Imagining My Brother Fucking Me With That Huge Cock Of His

And I closed my eyes and allowed her to do as she wished with me. I was aware of his heavy breathing as he masturbated .And she moved her tongue over me faster and faster until my hips were bucking up off the bed. Humping her face seeking my release. It wasn’t too long until I came, and I never thought I’d say this. But I came imagining my brother fucking me with that huge cock of his. It was so naughty and hot to think about. I’d never been blackmailed before and I doubt most blackmailing situations are like this one, but it was all quite sexy and hot for sure. Give me a call And I will tell you all about blackmail phone sex

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