Brother Sister Sex Story: I could feel My Big Brother Watching me

This brother sister sex story happens to be true, as most of my family sex stories. Anyone who has talked with me knows I’m country. We get this bad reputation for fucking our cousins, and incest and so much more. That is being “open-minded’. Our parents were always leaving us alone. Johnny had to cook for us, and I had to clean. We were both newly into our teenage years when I caught him watching me n the shower.

I had this feeling that I was being watched, as I slid my spaghetti rompers straps down. Consequently, I stepped out of my outfit not knowing this was going to turn into a brother sister sex story. I turned the shower on, a hot steamy shower felt so good as the feeling of being watched, was giving me goose-flesh.

I left the shower curtain wide open, and the door to the bathroom cracked open.

Just knowing I was being watched turned me on. Knowing it was my older sexy brother, made me slippery. I soaped up my loofah staring at my brothers’ silhouette. Teasing my puffy pink nipples and biting my lips, I could feel my hairless teen pussy lips swelling with each pass of the soapy loofah.

I so badly wanted my brother to step out of the darkness, needing to see him I managed to say, “Johnny come to soap my back please” I turned, facing away from the door and felt my brother step into the shower with me. Johnny moved my long red hair, his cock hard as a rock pressing into my fleshy round ass. Johnny only muttered one sentence while we were teasing one another so bad. ” I want to fuck you so bad, Anna”.

That was just the beginning of our Brother Sister sex story

This was literally the very FIRST brother sister sex story

I can’t wait to tell you more!


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