Brother Sister Sex Story – “WHAT are you doing?!” That’s right, your little sis has caught you. You didn’t think I knew you were playing with my dirty panties, did you?

Brother Sister Sex Story: Read all about what happens when a big brother’s not-so-secret obsession with my panties and all things girly gets exposed! Time for another one of my HOT family sex stories!

I walked into my bedroom, catching you red-handed. Imagine that! Sitting there naked in a pile of my dirty panties, you looked so ridiculous. In the first place, you had one of my peachy, lacy thongs pressed to your nose. As a matter of fact, the material looked damp. You’d obviously been smelling AND licking them, you perv! Furthermore, you clasped a pair of silky, black bikini panties against your crotch.

Whimpering, you guiltily glanced up at me, panties in mid-stroke.

Omg. It was SO difficult to be stern! As I pointed an accusing finger at you, I smirked hard in an effort not to burst into uncontrollable giggles. I knew if I started laughing, I’d probably never stop!

As you tried to hide yourself from me, I choked “So, NOW I know why you keep coming home for lunch instead of eating on campus! What would Mom and Dad think, bro?”

“No, little sissy. Do NOT hide yourself from me, brother. If you’re gonna act like a panty-sniffing slut, your sister’s gonna TREAT you like one!”

As I sat down on my bed, I glowered at you. With this in mind, I grabbed my favorite wooden hairbrush. Then, I got nice and comfy. Indeed, I could tell this was going to take awhile!

Then I patted my lap. “Come over here and bend over my knee, pantyboy loser! It’s time you learned a lesson!” I growled. “And don’t you DARE drip any of that nasty sissy pre-cum on my new stockings!”

Trembling a little, you started to get up. Although you looked completely mortified, your waving dinkie belied your excitement. At the same time, I realized that my own panties were super drenched. Moreover, I had this sudden urge, oh yes …

“What made you think you’re allowed to WALK, sissygirl? Get on those hands and knees. Now, crawl to me. Time for your spanking!”

Need more phone sex, my naughty brother? In that case, it’s time to call your sexy sister Angel NOW! That’s an order!

Your Wicked Angel


Brother Sister Sex Story

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