Brother Sister Sex Story – Be careful what you wish for! Sometimes a wish “cum” true isn’t exactly what you’d expect. But we’ll get to the “consequences” side later … Read on!

Anyway, this brother sister sex story occurred when I was just a teen, can you believe it? Indeed, it’s one of my very favorite family sex stories! I wrote all about it in my diary, check it out:

Dear Diary:

You know I’ve been crushing on my brother Chase for the longest time. I don’t care if he’s 10 years older, he is super fucking hot! I’m pretty sure he wants to fuck me too. Why? Whenever I walk into the room, he shifts in his seat and you can tell he’s trying to hide this huge hard-on! But he keeps acting like everything’s normal. That all changed during our annual family vacation last month, however!

Chase and I were hanging out at the pool behind our family’s vacation home. Everyone else was gone on a day trip, so we had the whole place to ourselves. I was wearing a blue, barely-there thong bikini that hardly covered anything at all.

I thought my brother’s eyes were going to pop right out of his head when I first walked out and lazily laid down on a chaise lounge next to the pool.

The immediate rise in his swim briefs was obvious. They were so tight that I could practically see the outline of his swelling shaft and mushroom crown. Mmmm, that’s right, brother. However, I acted as if I didn’t notice a thing.

Slipping on my shades, I pretended to look at a magazine while enjoying a heart-shaped, cherry lollipop. I licked and suckled the sweet candy, imagining it was his thick, hard dick instead.

Brother sister sex story: “Oh yummy, yesss … Squirming at the thought, my pussy began a slow, urgent throb.”

My face reddened with a mixture of embarrassment and growing lust as I looked down to discover that rather than concealing them, the thin material of my bikini top seemed to be calling attention to how excited my perky, erect nipples were!

Glancing up at him, it was clear that he was trying not to stare at my barely legal body, but failing miserably. Giggling, I curled my pink tongue around the slick, wet candy.

I gave the lollipop a cute little slurp before slipping it from my cherry lips to teasingly ask, “Wanna taste my candy, Bro?”

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