It usually starts with the classic story of I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.

Brother sister sex story. Almost all of the time it ends there. Sometimes it is taken a little further in the teenage years where experimentation starts. A brother and sister sex story might begin with two virgins. Being both curious they make a pact to play with each other and see how things feel. She wants to know what it feels like to have a hard cock in her mouth. He wants to play with her firm breasts and finger her tight pussy. Most of the time it ends here.

Then you read my brother sister sex story and realize that there are some extreme cases where maybe it doesn’t end.

Michael and I were headed for a cruise. We decided to arrive in Flordia a few days early to hang out with his sister and brother in law. On the second night, we were laying in bed talking. Next thing we know we heard them having sex, they were very loud. Michael told him they have a very crazy sex life, From what I could hear I didn’t doubt him. Grabbing my hand he told us we needed to go peek at them. Since I am the paranoid type I was so nervous.

There was no shame in their game, they didn’t even close the bedroom door.

As we watched, his sister was fucking her husband in the ass with her strap-on. He was begging her to fuck him harder and harder. Smacking his ass and telling him to shut up. Because of this, my pussy started to get wet. I was so turned on by watching her slide that big huge cock in and out of his ass. He then flipped her over on her back and with one push shoved his hard cock into her wet pussy. He was fucking her so hard the bed was moving away from the wall. Now I could feel my own pussy juice start to run down my leg. She turned her head and I panicked and ran. I didn’t want her to see me. As I reached the bedroom where we were staying

I could hear him screaming “I’m Cuming”

This is when I realized that Michael did not follow me back to the room. Peeking out the door. I see him just standing there. Hearing the shower start I knew they were done. What was he still doing there? He disappeared into his sister’s room. I had to look because curiosity was killing me. The brother sister sex story I witnessed began like this. Sneaking down the hallway I hear his sister’s voice. “You know the rules” He shook his head yes.

She said ok I caught you watching us now you have to clean me up.

Pushing him back on the bed and straddled herself over his face. She began to grind on him. He was eating his brother in laws cum out of his sisters dripping pussy. Ordering him to stick his tongue up inside her and make sure all the cum is out. He began to get hard. Maybe he liked it. It seems like they have done this before. The shower just turned off and again I panicked and ran back to my room. While this time Michael wasn’t too far behind me.

As a result, I could smell his sister’s pussy and see the glistening of her juices that are covering his face.

He leans over to kiss me. What happens next will be available in one of my future crazy sex stories. Maybe until then, we can have some naughty adult chat.

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