Brother Sister Sex Story

Brother Sister Sex Story It’s A Kinky Time On The 4th Of July. James always had a secret crush and I guess it was up to me to make sure he had fireworks on the fourth. This was going to turn into an incest sex story. There’s nothing better than sisterly love. And since James wasn’t going to make the move it was up to this girl to make it for him.

It was just about dusk and everyone was out front on the street setting the fireworks up. James and I were relaxing back by the pool having a beer together. Mine was empty so I stood up to get another and my bikini top got caught on the back of my chair. My wardrobe malfunction couldn’t have come at a better time. James blushed and tried to avert his eyes. But the devil on my shoulder told me that this was my chance.

Reaching around the back I untied the bottom part and let it fall to the ground. “Do you like what you see James?”, I asked as I sat down beside him on the lounge chair. Not even giving him a chance to get up and move away from these exposed tits I grabbed his hand and put it over my right one. As my nipple turned hard in the palm of his hand James’ eyes widened. “Oh Roxy!”, he moaned and squeezed it tightly.

Reaching over with my left hand I groped him. Slipping my hand up underneath his swim trunks I found exactly what I was looking for. I stroked him as I leaned in for a passionate kiss. “See what you have been missing all these years sweet brother. Let me show you something else”. I stood up and grabbed his hand.

Look for Part II next week

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