Crazy Sex Stories!

Crazy Sex Stories Erotic Fantasy Turned Into A Real Life Situation. You know I love to hear those fantasy and then make them turn into reality! Never is there a dull moment or a flaccid cock when this sexy voice is whispering in your ear. Stroke that cock baby! It’s time for all our crazy sex stories to be exposed.

Always asking what is the craziest thing you’ve ever done, but all Roxy wants to know is what crazy things YOU want to do darling! The other night a little secret was released and the fantasy you desired most got to come true! There isn’t any more dreaming about watching your wife get fucked by a big black dick. All it took was one phone call to a friend and you and that little wife of your’s got the kinky night you’d been hoping for.

Knowing that your fantasy was to be tied up by a few black guys and having your wife get satisfied in front of you while laughing at your tiny little dick made this girl smile. Do you remember how fast it happened? Never thinking Roxy would actually make the phone call and have it set up. That hand of yours gets worn out fantasizing about that wife of your’s getting railed, doesn’t it? But now it’s no longer a fantasy, it’s a reality!

Secretly watching porn of white girls getting stretched by BBC late at night and having me watch along with you. In fact, she had caught you one time but that didn’t stop you at all did it! So this time I knew what I had to do. One phone call and it was set up! I was hoping it would catch you by surprise, and that it did.


Those cameras I had set up in your bedroom worked perfectly. And of course, it helped that I had the spare key to your back door. When the three of them walked into your bedroom, I could tell you wondered if you were dreaming or not. Your pretty little wife asleep had a rude awakening didn’t she! Dragging you off the bed and pulling down your boxers, I saw you were already hard! And then as they tied your hands to the chair and woke her up with a dick slap across the face, you couldn’t disguise the smile that spread across YOUR face!

Dragging her to the side of the bed they stripped down her clothes and spread her legs. But when they looked at you stroking their dicks and asking you how bad you wanted to watch was when she realized how turned on you were. It was clear she was disgusted, but her attention was quickly averted when she felt the first penetration. That little dick of yours had NEVER opened her up like he did.

Pretending she wasn’t enjoying it, but I knew the truth. And here I sat watching your camera on my laptop, fingering myself and getting off. And when the one guy walked over to you and grabbed your dick and laughed at all the pre cum you had dripping made me know I did the right thing. When they made you stick that black dick in your mouth to get it ready for her ass I thought you were going to bust a nut then! I had to laugh because all I could think about then was I needed to teach you how to suck your own dick!

But that’s a story for another time!

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