He and I have been fucking for some time now. After I went off to college and came home, I was even better in bed than him. Now, we love having brother sister play all the time.

Of course, we fuck tons of other people. Once and while, we share people. Heck, we even do orgies together. We are a kinky family. And, I wouldn’t want it any other way.

As I play with more people and improve my skills, big brother lets me try them out on him. He loves my sensual control of incest. Whether we are doing a cuckold situation or something else, we have a blast.

All of our brother sister play is loaded with fun.

Additionally, he is a voyeur like me. So, he enjoys spying on me with others. He has cameras set up in my room and watches while I am fucking my guests. In fact, I get wetter knowing he is watching us.

Although, my favorite time is just the two of us. Currently out parents are on a huge vacation for their twenty-fifth anniversary. So, my brother and I have the house to ourselves for a whole month of brother sister play.

Of course, we are throwing a massive party, a fantastic orgy night, and the rest of the time is for the two of us. We can have a romantic night for two or a kinky fuck fest with all my toys.

And, we get each other, and the things we like are similar!

Sure, we don’t like everything exactly the same, but we can enjoy what the other likes and have fun with it. In fact, he is into spit and cum transfer with kissing, and I will do that with him.

It isn’t my thing, but it gets him rock hard. And, I am into pegging, and he happily lays on his back and spreads those legs for his little sister and her big strapon. Oh, I love his face as I slide deep into him.

Of course, I know just how to fuck him during our brother sister play. I can hit his prostate just right, and he will cum a huge load for me. In fact, he shoots so hard, and it lands on my young perky tits.

And, these are just a couple of the things we do during our brother sister play!

Even though we have fun together, we are looking forward to our party events. We are hosting the orgy first. It is a smaller event with our kinkiest of friends invited.

Normally, at an orgy with our friends, it is pretty even with girls and guys. It is the same tonight. Five girls and five guys. My brother has pallets laid out on the floor for our fun.

As everyone arrives, they are handed a robe to strip down and wear only the robe all night long. Of course, we still get our brother sister play tonight; it just involves a room full of other people.

In no time, everyone is naked and making out on the floor!

Soon, I have a pussy in my face and cock sliding in and out of my tight young pussy. Mmmm…that feels so good too! It is going to be a great night!

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