Recently, my neighbor had me over to fulfill my Bisexual Fantasy with some of his friends. I had always wanted to be with two gay men. Now, I am getting more bisexual fun with them.

After attending that first party, his kinky friends realize how much fun it is playing with me. They also love a naughty, barely legal teen watching them have sex with each other.

Therefore, I am always welcome at their wild parties. I come over and hang out until I decide which guys I want to play with. Normally, I play with two guys, but lately, I have played with three or more at once.

I am a happy girl getting more bisexual fun with these boys.

His friends come in all sizes and shapes. Some are “queens,” and others are big strong “bears.” Of course, I am ready to play with all of them. I love a sexy diva that is getting man-handled by a burly “bear” man.

Additionally, some guys are your everyday guys. No set fetish or style. They wear khakis and polo shirts. In fact, a lot of them look like our frat boys on campus.

Again, I am happy to try them all as I get more bisexual fun at their parties. My neighbor, Dex, is super nice and sweet. He is also super gay and proud of it.

He has so many friends that love coming to his parties.

Dex is providing a comfortable place for fun. Not only that, he has great food and booze for his guests. We all eat, drink and start getting naughty after a while.

At first, I usually watch everyone making out. It is interesting seeing who will pair or group up. The fun thing about these parties, other than providing me with more bisexual fun, is everyone trying each other.

No set couples are usually here. Even if there are couples that come, they separate and go into the throng of guests alone. For me, it is the perfect opportunity to play with lots of gay men.

Seeing them start making out gets my pussy dripping wet.

Once they start fondling each other’s cocks, I am so ready to fuck it is crazy. In fact, at the last party, it was impossible to wait until we went off into a room. I was getting so hot; I jumped in with three guys in the living room.

Talk about a lot more bisexual fun for this girl! Of course, Dex said it added to the fun of the party as we became the object of everyone’s attention. Watching me sucking their cocks with another man stroking them was hot for the guests.

Dex even brought out a strapon so I could fuck my new playmates. Or, have them suck my dick. I even had one eating my pussy. He was so into it; he came hard while jerking himself off at the same time.

Wow, what a great party with tons of more bisexual fun!

Of course, things got even wilder as more of them wanted to play with us and started joining in. Dex finally threw down blankets as we all pile onto his floor and play together.

It became one girl and house full of gay men having an orgy. Oh, what an amazing opportunity for more bisexual fun and kinky sex. This time I did so much more with the guests and loved every minute.

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