My neighbor is a sexy guy. He is as gay as they come, and I have a huge crush on him. And, his gorgeous friends are always coming and going from his house. Additionally, tonight my bisexual fantasy come true is happening.

He and I are always talking in passing. Likewise, I can’t tell you how many times he has invited me over to hang out. Up until now, I have always said no, but, tonight I am going over.

Of course, I tell him I super curious about watching two guys together. And, he is always saying his place is where I can see that happening. Well, let’s hope so because I am ready.

I am ready for my bisexual fantasy to come true!

When I am working and providing awesome Phone Sex Chat to my callers, I get some interesting calls. Including bisexual or forced bi calls. My tight young pussy is always dripping wet with them.

Whether we are doing a cuckold roleplay or a sissy boy fantasy, it is so fucking hot for me too. Helping my callers experience their guy-on-guy dreams is kinky and satisfying.

My neighbor tells me his place is “the place” for my bisexual fantasy to come true. Of course, I am watching him and all his hot friends coming and going. At night, they are partying into the wee hours.

I can no longer sit and watch; tonight is about action!

As an Amateur Teen Voyeur, I have done a lot of watching. Watching my parents, my college apartment neighbors, and even one of my parent’s neighbors.

It is time to stop watching and start doing it when I have a craving. And, I am craving a naughty threesome with some gay men. So, I am fucking getting my way tonight with a bisexual fantasy come true!

I am wearing a cute dress and shoes. When I arrive, my neighbor is introducing me to all his friends. He has about eight guests when I arrive. Some are already making out.

He whispers, “I can am going to get lucky tonight.”

Smiling, I ask him how he knows that. He tells me he was discussing my fantasy with his guests, and they all love the idea. So, all I have to do is pick two guys and a room.

Holy shit, he is awesome helping my bisexual fantasy come true. As we are having drinks, they start asking me about myself. We are all chatting as some of the guys start making out with each other.

My pussy is getting super wet when I pick two guys. I walk over and ask them if they want to play with me. They immediately say yes, and we go to a room for our fun.

They are both sexy and well-built, great choices for my bisexual fantasy to come true.

And, when the clothes come off, I see their cocks are huge! Oh, yes, this is going to be fun! The three of us start kissing and touching each other.

As we are lying there, I move to the side as I want to see them together and I’m not disappointed. The one pulls me into helping him suck the other guy’s cock, and I am in heaven.

Of course, this is just the start of our night. If you want the dirty details, you will have to call me!

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