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It’s the weekend, so of course, it’s time to play! Little do I know, my brother has planned a big surprise for us. We’re downstairs in the family room, watching brother sister sex story porn together on the big screen TV. Like usual, I’m curled up on his lap as we relax on the comfy sectional.

And like he always does, he’s idly caressing my petite curves as we watch the action. Every so often, he gently but firmly tweaks one of my very erect, pink nipples, making me arch against him.

At the same time, my sexy bro is lazily thrusting his thick, throbbing boner in and out of my slick, tight pussy.

All that toying with my body is distracting me from the action on the screen. It feels super amazing, just like it always does! Indeed, my moans are the perfect compliment to the wet, squelchy sounds my cotton-candy cunt makes as I ride my eldest sibling’s dick.

Groaning, I reluctantly remind Chase that we’d better stop soon. After all, he knows I ran out of my birth control pills yesterday. We HAVE to cool it now, because what would happen if I got pregnant?

Clearly reacting to my words, his cock jerks hard inside me as he begins to grunt, low in his throat. Accordingly, I know what those guttural sounds of his mean. Squirming desperately, I try free myself from his clutches before it’s too late. However, one strong male hand on my hip and the other grasping my silky blonde ponytail hold me firmly in place. I whimper as I feel him throbbing, buried in my teen cunt as deeply as he can possibly go.

Brother sister impregnation, did it just happen? Did you cum inside me just now, big brother?!

I’m gasping in shock, but before I can even verbalize that thought, he’s flipped us both over. Now I’m on my back with Chase pinning my naked body to the sofa. Next, he begins thrusting that engorged man-meat in and out between my incredibly tight, slick pussy walls. Unable to control myself, I’m writhing beneath him, the need to cum building into a raging inferno.

While my cunt clenches around his huge, thrusting cock, I’m trying to push him away at the same time. Despite my best efforts, attempting to get him to stop is like trying to halt a speeding train. It’s obvious that Chase is determined to keep going until we both explode.

I moan helplessly, realizing I’m utterly at my brother’s mercy. I struggle to get away, but not really.

Matter of fact, my half-assed protests amuse the fuck out of him. Clearly, there is nothing I can do to stop this ride. Besides, we both know that what my body truly wants, totally NEEDS is to fuck him all night long like we always do.

He abruptly pulls out and rolls me onto my tummy, laughing at my disappointment at losing his cock for a single second. Then, he pulls me onto my knees, spreading my thighs widely apart. Despite my reservations, I find myself rubbing my swollen, excited teen cunt along his shaft.

He laughs again, knowing that I’m trying to get him back inside me. Accommodating my need, he sinks back into my hungry fuckhole until he’s balls-deep once again. My eyes drift shut in wanton bliss as he murmurs into my ear in a deep grumble. At first, I’m so lost in lust that it just sounds like noise. Abruptly, my fevered brain starts to make sense of his words, which take my breath away:

“Angel, my babygirl, tonight is the night. I’m going to fuck you over and over again until you’re dripping with loads of my creamy, baby-making sperm.”

He growls softly as he looks down at me. “And I won’t stop until you’re pregnant with my baby, little sister. No matter how long or how many times it takes.” Panting mindlessly now, my lithe body jerks spasmodically as his threat ignites the first of many, explosive orgasms.

Omg. How did my brother know that what I really need is to be BRED?

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