I Knew My Brother Was Really Horny, But I never Knew He Had This Kink

When I was in high school, I had a really good friend that would sometimes stay over.Her parents would go away on a cruise and she’d stay with us for a week now and then. The sofa downstairs pulled out into a bed, so she’d sleep there. I woke up hungry one night and went downstairs. Only to see in the darkness with only the light from the window, my brother standing next to her as she slept. And he was jacking off to her, even reaching out and stroking her hair as she slept. It was a little weird, but he acted like he was just passing through the room when I walked by and he went upstairs.

I Would Catch My Brother Jacking Off  To Sleeping Girl Porn

Then another time a few months later. I was on my way to my room and walked by his door and it was open a crack and I peered in.He had porn on his computer he was jacking off to and it was of sleeping girls. He obviously has some kind of fetish for them. Then a few days later, I woke up and I could feel something wet on my pillow case. I’ve been known to drool, so I assumed I’d just been sleeping with my mouth open, but then I had the feeling it wasn’t drool.

A few weeks later again it was hot and the air conditioning hadn’t been turned on yet. So I was sleeping without the covers over me and I rolled over and felt some wetness at my side. And then I came to the conclusion that it was cum, and not just my pussy juices, it was his. That little bastard had been sneaking into my room as I slept and been not only jerking off to me. But leaving his cum on my sheets and pillow cases!

My Horny Brother Will Learn His LessonJacking off to Dana

I thought I’d fool him at his own game, and I pretended to be asleep. And I left my door half open and was laying there naked and I could hear him come in . His breathing became heavier and when I knew he was close to cumming, I rolled over and yelled, “Gotcha!” Lol, he nearly flew back two feet, it was hilarious. He sure wasn’t expecting that! I told him that I was going to tell mom and dad what a pervert he was. And he begged me not to. I said he’d have to do all my chores for the next month or I’d tell them, and he agreed.

So I didn’t have to do anything around the house for a solid month. I knew he was likely still jacking off once in a while to me as I slept. And I might do the blackmail thing again if I wanted to. It was nice not having any chores, that’s for sure. I caught him watching the porn to the sleeping girls a few times. And would just roll my eyes and continue walking by the door. I never did tell anyone but it was fun having that power over him if I wanted to lord it over him.

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