Big Brother Get’s a Big Surprise

“Please Mistress, don’t do this. I’ll do anything you want, just please, please don’t!” My brother begged. He thought his begging was going to help him, but all it did was turn me on and make me want to fuck that little ass of his more. I pushed forward and watched just the bulbous head of my plastic cock slide into his ass, stretching it wide. I could hear him groan in pain.

“Actually, you know what? I want to watch your eyes as I fuck your ass, lay on your back,” I said, smiling and climbing off the bed. He turned over, his eyes screwed tightly shut. I pushed his legs apart and got between them, grabbing both his balls in my soft smooth hand. He moaned in pleasure, before I started gently squeezing them.

Fucking my brother

“Pull your knees up before I yank these things off,” I said, pulling his balls just a bit.

He quickly did as I was told. I pressed my cockhead against his ass again, this time applying more pressure, and watching the look of pain in his face as his virgin ass stretched wide around my cock.  I pushed further slowly, savoring the groans escaping from his lips, and watching his cock twitch as I rubbed against his prostate. He moaned as I started sliding in and out of him, each thrust stimulating his prostate.

“You will not cum without my permission, or those pictures will be sent to everyone in our school, do you understand me?”

“Uuuunggg Yes Mistressss,” He got out between moans. I started thrusting in and out of him faster, stroking his hard throbbing cock as I ass fucked him.

“Please…pppleaseeee can I cum Mistress? Please! I’m going to cum! Please!”

“No, hold it a little longer. Tell me how much you love my cock in your ass. Tell me how badly you love getting ass fucked!”

“Ughh I love it Mistress! I love you fucking my ass! It feels soooo good! Please! Please let me cuuuum,” He begged as I stroked my brother’s cock slowly, holding him right at the edge of orgasm.

“You can cum…” I’d no sooner got the words out and he was cumming all over himself and my hand. I cleaned off my hand and took off the strap on.

“You wanna know a secret?” I told him with the biggest grin as I was untying him.

“Uh, sure,” he replied, not able to look me in the eyes after what had just transpired.

“I have a recording of everything that just happened, and it’s all in my cloud storage, backed up and undeleteable. You’re going to be my little slave for a very, very long time, Big Brother.”

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