My brother fucked me

One of the my favorites things to do, and that not a lot of people know about me is that I love playing videos. Obviously the new Call of Duty: Black Ops III came out a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been playing it nonstop, and who have I’ve been playing with, well, my brother. We play online and have the whole gear; mics, our own controller, and even our assigned sitting. Since I’ve been spending too much time with him, we did something not all siblings do. My brother fucked me while we were playing a match.

We were going to start on map breach and he was taking a long time in the bathroom. I yelled at him to hurry up and he didn’t say anything. The match started, we were one man down and he was still in the bathroom. About five kills in he comes out and I can see his shadow from my peripheral but I am so focused on aiming that I don’t see him. He sits down next to me, and he was just way too close.

“Dude, move over!” I said. Not really looking at him. He saw a chance and grabbed my hand and ran it across his crotch. I could feel his big hard cock over his gym shorts. Him and I have never done anything but something about playing, having people listen to us, and him being rock hard for no apparent reason made me extremely wet. I did not say anything, I kneeled down and placed my elbows on the ottoman pulled my leggins down and continued playing. I still said nothing, I just want it him to take me, and he did. I was still focused on the game.

I felt his cock just rub my pussy, getting it all wet for what I knew was coming. He reached over and muted my mic while I tried to continue to play. I felt him thrust inside me and it felt amazing! Never did I imagine that I would be doing this with my brother. He pumped away while I just camped in a good spot and tried to aim at whatever was coming my way. At times I would lose focused and get killed. I started moaning hard as I felt him just pound my pussy till he stretched me out so much, I guess he needed another hole.

I tried keeping my eyes on the tv but I couldn’t. He spread ass open and just as he did with my pussy pushed into my ass. Deep, and it hurt. I lost it then, I started moaning so loud and accidentally turned on my mic. I just heard every one in my squad say “wtf”. I didn’t care though. It hurt but at the same time it felt so fucking amazing! My brother thrusted deep inside me and grunted as he came. He filled my ass with his cream and I loved it. By then we were back in the lobby and everyone was just quiet, I guess really paying attention to me.

“I set up another match”, he said as I came out of the bathroom where I cleaned up. Yes my brother fucked me. My brother fucked me so damn hard and good, but we just went on as if nothing happened.

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