There Was This Curvy Bitchy Mom Who Lived Down the Street!

This curvy bitchy mom lived one street over from us. She was a holy terror. What made her so terrifying was she was so nosy and stuck her nose in everyone’s business. However, there is more than meets the eye. Perhaps they are bitchy because they are not getting what they need at home.

Gabriella was the epitome of prudes. She went to church religiously every week. Hey, I so respect that. She was by all virtues a good woman, but also somewhat stuck up. If her son Ben even mentioned that he looked at girls, her mom would get a look of disgust on her face. Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with that.

Even her husband thought she was so prudish.

Her fairy tale wedding didn’t turn out so well. She didn’t have a hot sex life, but little did she know it would all change. Some wives have sexy wife sex stories to recount to their friends, but not Gabriella. You would never hear her utter the word under her breath. She would rather stay home then go out and have fun. That’s all right because she had little to no invites to come out.

It’s so shameful because Gabriella was beautiful. This sexy curvy bitchy mom had a big butt, tits that would make girls jealous, and meaty legs that you would love to have wrapped around your head or torso.

One day my brother Trevor went over to visit his friend.

One thing about Gabriella was that we associated with her because my brother and her son were friends. Trevor had always loved curvy girls and found his eyes traveling down her body. He even confessed to me that he wanted to get under her skirt and finger that pussy and taste that pussy.

Of course, she was home, but Ben wasn’t at home yet. Gabriella came to the door wearing an apron and her black skirt and starched clean white top. Even while at home, she maintained a tidy appearance.

It was the most natural thing in the world for this curvy bitchy mom to invite him inside.

Ben’s mom invited Trevor to watch a movie. While they watched he scooted closer to her on the couch and rested his head on her chest. At first, she was taken aback. His hand started to caress her legs. Oh, he loved her legs so much. They were so silky smooth and meaty.

Of course, she slapped his hand away. That lady could slap hard too. Trevor was determined to have his way today while he could. His hand moved under her top and caressed those soft tits. His dick got so hard as he discovered that she wasn’t wearing any bra.

She cried out as he pinched her nipples. Mommy was trying to slap his hand away, but her body was telling a different story. Those nipples hardened into tight buds. Trevor unbuttoned her shirt and sucked those nipples into his mouth. His hands worked under her skirt rubbing her slit over her panties.

It was finally time to make his move.

This curvy bitchy mom wanted to let go, but she fought just a bit. I’m guessing after her husband left her, she became quite upset, but that’s for another story. He pulled her skirt down and slipped her panties off.

Gabrielle had a hairy pussy, but that wasn’t going to stop him. He loved her swollen fat pussy lips. Trevor’s lips kissed down her body. Gabriella’s legs parted. His tongue lashed up and down that wet fat pussy.

His hands grabbed that big ass and squeezed as he licked her swollen clit up and down.  She was so delicious and wet. When she came that curvy bitchy mom let go of all her inhibitions and squirted her juices into his face.

Trevor couldn’t take it anymore. He undressed quickly and slipped into that wet hole. He raised her sexy legs high and pounded that juicy pussy hard. Her cries echoed throughout the house.

All he wanted was to fuck his friend’s curvy bitchy mom all day.

Her pussy was squeezing all the right spots and felt so good. On the verge of cumming, Trevor tried so hard to hold on. He didn’t care that he wasn’t wearing any protection. He wanted his cum deep inside of her or all over those sweet curvy tits.


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