Breed me: My Impregnation fetish

Breed me: My Impregnation Fetish: Some of you may not know this about me because I don’t share it with everyone. But I’ve decided to tell you my deep dark secret in this blog.

I have no problem sharing how much I love to engage in extreme age play, or how I truly enjoy hardcore rape play, or even other areas of my sexually explicit mind, because those fantasies are what they are, and they enthrall me with excitement. I can never get enough of them!

I’ve always kept this one kinda to myself, it’s special. Different. I’ve written about it a little on my personal blog, but secretly I think about it all the time. I’m talking about My impregnation fetish. The need and desire that I have for barebacking, no condom, skin against skin Breeding. Do you know, that I know exactly when I’m ovulating? I mark down on my calendar when my pussy is the most fertile.

My Impregnation fetish started for me a few years ago when one of my friends got pregnant.

She told me she was horny ALL the time! She also said that she got wetter, and her nipples were so much more sensitive. But what excited me most was how she talked about her pussy puffing and swelling up. She made it sound like the best feeling in the world. To be pregnant, with big lactating tits, and a sex-crazed pussy that felt so good getting fucked. Then she told me, how much her boyfriend loved sucking the milk from her lactating tits.

After being around her, her entire pregnancy, My impregnation fetish grew and grew. Just like her pregnant belly. After her baby shower, she told me that her boyfriend wanted her to ride him right before her party. I remember going to my car, and thinking about what my preggy GF had said. I couldn’t take it anymore, so I pulled off into a deserted parking lot and heard her saying over and over how she “rode him hard and in the middle of her orgasm, her tits started leaking all over her and him.”

So I came so hard, I was thankful no one heard my screams.

Mmm, to think about a cock cumming so deep inside of me… pressing against my cervix. To feel the ropes of cum shooting deep inside my fertile womb. My belly growing with life inside me, put there by someone else. A swollen puffy pussy just begging to be fucked. Full milky tits craving to be suckled at.

My impregnation fetish goes deep.

Does yours?

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