Breath Play Fuck – He Tied His Belt Around My Neck & I Almost Pass Out

Breath play fuck… I can’t get enough. My ex has always loved to choke me during sex but the other night he fastened his belt around my neck. And he fell in love with the fact that I almost pass out.

So, it’s a Saturday night. I sit down in my jammies and play some BioShock Infinite. Then I hear my phone ring with his special ringtone, How Soon Is Now by The Smiths. And I knew that he wanted to see me.

I answer and he says “Hey… what are you doing?” I smile and say “Play BioShock. What are YOUUUU DOINNNGGG?” He says “Just lying here… can I come over?” I tell him “Of course you can. Bring that sexy ass over here.”

And since he lives just a few minutes away he was here pretty fast. I answer the door and he walks in. Gives me a slap on the ass and comes in and makes himself comfortable. Taking his shoes and t-shirt off and plopping down onto my couch.

He says “So, why don’t you come on over here and get comfy with me?” I laugh and just hop onto the couch next to him. We watch some YouTube videos and then he starts to kiss me. I say “Hey, what do you think this is buddy?”

He smiles and says “Whatever the fuck I want it to be.”

I just melt into him and kiss him deeply. His hands are all over my soft skin… I feel him start to pull my nightie off. My nipples get hard as soon as the air-conditioned temperature hits them. And he starts to suck on one of them and squeeze and pinch the other.

I reach down and start to rub his cock on the outside of his jeans. He moans as his lips are pressed up against mine and it’s the sexiest fucking thing I have heard in a long while. His hands move down my body and peel my panties off of me. And then he just tosses them behind my tv stand.

Giggling, I spread my legs for him and he gets in between them and starts to suck on my pussy lips. I moan softly as his tongue spreads my lips apart and he flicks my clit. His warm mouth makes me feel like I’ll cum in moments… and then I do.

He stands up in front of me and I sit up straight. Then he starts to take off his belt and looks at it as it’s in his hand. He smirks and then fastens it around my neck. I smile and say “Ooh, please, daddy.”

He pulls it tight, leans down, and kisses me deeply. My breath is taken away (literally) and then he lets the belt loose. I was hooked… and needed more.

He tells me to turn around on my couch and lean over the arm. I do and he pulls the belt tighter as he starts to slide his hard, throbbing cock deep into my tight, wet, pink pussy. I try to let out a little moan to let him know it feels so fucking good. He pulls the belt tighter and starts to thrust.

The belt acts as a sort of rein system around my neck so he is able to really thrust deep into me and it chokes me at the same time. I feel my face turning red and the blood rushing through my body. Then I start to feel a bit faint and almost pass out! But he lets the belt loose so I am able to catch my breath.

He’s never done this before so I can only imagine he’s watched some porn on it. Because it feels so good as he fucks me and tightens the belt. And soon enough we both cum at the same time. My pussy fills with his cum.

He lets the belt off my neck.

We then spend the rest of the night cuddling, kissing, and him tickling me. Just having a good time with plenty of aftercare. This breath play fuck just reminds me that I am still his DDLG princess.

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