DDLG Princess Wants To Keep Daddy Very Happy With Her Body

DDLG Princess in the house! That’s right! I’m a dirty little princess and can show you how much of a good girl I am for you, daddy. Are you ready for my potty mouth and tight, petite body?

Daddy, I am such a good girl for you. And I bet you have been sneaking around my page on PSK and dancing around the idea of calling me, huh? Well, what’s stopping you now? I can make your daddy dreams come true!

Being a DDLG princess is tough when you don’t have a daddy telling you what to do. And I have been looking for the daddy of my dreams… I think you could be him. Are you ready for a little bratty princess all for you?

Yes, I am a handful at times but when it comes down to it, I can be the naughtiest little you have ever been with. My voice is already young as it is so you would think I was younger than I am. Which, in my head I am young. Hehe!

Daddy, all these boys out here keep using me. And not in a good way!

I can’t believe how many times a boy has treated me like an object and never once given me aftercare. Which, we all know is important after all the naughty things we do. And they always go away which is not fun, daddy. I know you will treat me right.

I want to be your good girl and listen to your every command. Tell me I can’t touch my little pussy and tell me how to treat your cock, daddy. I’m your princess and you can tell me anything too! Your secrets are safe with me.

Let’s imagine how it would go if you called me soon. Okay, so, I’m waiting for you in my panties and ready to please. You call and set it all up and get my pics and call me up because you’re ready for me to be a naughty girl. And I answer, smiling from ear to ear.

We talk about me and about you and little things about ourselves before we get into anything naughty. You ask if I am a single princess, if I live alone, etc. And tell me about you. We talk about how much I love coloring and video games and animals.

You tell me that you’re a good daddy and will always be by my side. Then we start snuggling and getting really close. I tell you “Daddy, I wanna be your DDLG princess.” You chuckle and kiss me and tell me “You’re a good girl, baby.”

Then you kiss me all the way down my body and take off my lace panties. You tell me “Daddy wants to taste your little pussy, baby… lie back and get comfy.” So, you spread my legs and kiss up my thighs and spread my pussy lips. You lightly kiss my clit and tongue it.

“Oh, daddy! I love the way you feel.”

You moan as you eat my pussy up like a delicious little cupcake. And you make me cum all over your tongue. You come up and kiss me, with my juices all over your lips. And say “Okay, princess. Daddy wants to feel you on his cock.”

You take out your big daddy cock and slide it between my pussy lips. I moan as I feel you pop in your head and I grab onto your big, strong arms. You thrust inside of me with one smooth motion and make me squeal. I look at you and smile like the naughty girl I am.

You start to thrust in and out of my pussy, making sure you kiss me all over my breasts and lips and neck. I moan a little louder as I get closer to orgasm and you thrust faster and faster. I feel myself start to tremble and let out a big moan as my body explodes with an intense orgasm. And you kiss me and say “Get ready for daddy’s cum.”

You then thrust in super hard and groan and moan as you shoot your big daddy load inside of me. I giggle and you say “Thank you, baby, I really needed that. Your creamy pussy sure made daddy feel good.”

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