Too Full Of Cum To Have Pancakes For Breakfast

Most people sit down at the breakfast table and eat cereal or toast while trying to keep their eyes open. Not me. I eat cum. Well, okay I do have cereal on some mornings but this morning it was different. I went home with Tom last night and he ended up staying for the night. He’s a sweet guy and when he woke up he snuck out of bed and went downstairs to make me breakfast. I woke up to the smell of pancakes and I felt like a little kid as I jumped out of bed and went downstairs.

  Tom served my food then his and we sat down to eat. It was a nice treat and I practically drowned my pancakes in syrup. I was in the middle of eating when I hear Tom give a small laugh and I looked up at him. He wiped a speck of syrup of the side of my lip and licked it off his thumb. “I know you’re naughty but I guess you’re sweet too,” he said, making a lame joke that I took too far. I dropped my fork and started playfully flirting with him, telling him he had no idea how sweet I could be to a guy like him.

He leaned forward and kissed me which turned into something more serious.

I pushed my tongue past his lips and flicked it with his tongue as my hands went to his t-shirt. I started pulling it up and we finally broke away so I could take it off him. We started kissing again as my hand stroked his smooth chest and I pushed my body on his. I could feel his hard dick and rubbed myself on it before my hand went down. I squeezed him through the thin fabric and wanted him to fuck me as good as he had last night.

He moaned against my mouth and started to slowly stand up as he pushed his boxers down.

I grabbed the edge of my nightie and took it off then pushed the plates and glasses to the end of the table. I climbed up on it and parted my legs so he could stand between them. His hand rubbed my pussy a couple of times and I got wetter at the touch. I laid back and put my legs around his waist as he moved forward, entering me. I put my arm over his shoulder and kept him close to me as he began to fuck me. My ass rubbed on the wooden table and I could hear the plates make little clinking sounds as the forks rattled on them.

  I could feel my juices leaking out of me as I rolled my hips up and forward, meeting his thrusts.

I clenched my pussy around him and he groaned, bending his head forward at the feeling. “Oh fuck.” I heard him say under his breath and he went faster. My pussy was rubbed and I felt myself get tighter as my body began to become stiffer. I gripped the edge of the table as I cum and a few seconds later Tom fell forward, cumming soon after me.

    I slid off the table and my pussy juices left a wet streak behind me. My pancakes were cold but that was okay because I wasn’t hungry anymore, I was full of cum.

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