Listen, you know it. I know it. Your poor ex-girlfriend knows it. You have a teeny-tiny penis. There’s no use denying it. Bratty teen SPH helps you realize the true breadth and depth of what you already knew in the back of your mind. Or maybe you’re proud of your itty-bitty micropenis (although I can’t imagine why)! First, let’s embrace reality: your clit of a dick isn’t pleasing anyone. Next, let’s find something else you might be good at, like oral sex. Or Parcheesi. Finally, let me wipe a single tear as I laugh at how pathetic you are.

No BDE (Big Dick Energy)? *Sad*

You probably first noticed in the gym when the dudes swinging monster cocks between their thighs went to the showers. Pride pumps through their veins. They never, ever hear any bratty teen SPH. And honestly, who could ever be a brat to a Daddy with a dick like that? Girls get on their knees to worship that kind of man meat. Can you imagine the musculature it takes to keep that heavy cock from literally throwing these BDE guys off-balance? They walk around all day with those massive cocks, scooping up the women you’ll never have. Isn’t that just sad? Not for them – for you, of course.

Bratty Teen SPH for Baby Dick Losers

Are you one of those stubby chubby losers who use a finger and a thumb to jerk it? Some girls jerk their swollen clits like that. They use all that slick pussy juice as lube and spray girl juices when they cum. But I can’t imagine you cum as much or as hard as those girls. Although, I can’t blame you for your shortcomings. Blame those tiny balls for not producing. Have they even dropped? You don’t need bratty teen SPH, you need a doctor! Although, maybe you’re interested in sissy SPH.

Guys with big dicks and heavy balls unload so buckets of cum. It takes practice to swallow all that cum and I definitely want all of it! When you wiggle your little carrot, does anything come out at all? I bet you grunt and groan like a wildebeest into your pillow at night because you’re ready for that sweet release. Then when it finally comes, just a drip at the tip spills out of that sperm worm. You have just become my bratty teen SPH muse.

Measured for Her Pleasure

When a centimeter-peter whips out that wee shrimp in his shorts, I can’t help but laugh. Unless he tells me otherwise, men like to have their cocks touched and judged. Judgment doesn’t always come by way of my bratty teen SPH, either. I’m at a loss when BDE swagger all night reveals his cock and it’s… tiny. When you’re under that kind of stress, the words just fall out of my mouth. “Is that it? We should measure it.”

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