Sissy SPH is a beautiful thing, handled by the correct woman. Sissy boys just have to glance down between their legs and immediately they’re reminded of their humiliating truth: their small penis will never be enough to satisfy their partner. After a deep dive into roleplay, followed up by real-life Sissy SPH Tumblr enthusiasts’ recommendations, this spoiled little Princess is becoming quite a humiliation Diva.

Sissy SPH Quiz

If you’re not sure that you are a sissy, try these simple questions on for size:

  1. Do girls laugh at the sight of your tiny dick even when it’s rock hard?
  2. Have you ever had to hide your pecker in the locker room because you’re aware you’re the smallest one there?
  3. You can’t please your girlfriend or wife sexually. Have they cucked you because of it?
  4. Have you tried on panties or stockings and it made you feel like a pretty girl?
  5. Does your little clit pulse at the thought of giving a chastity key over to a mistress who won’t let you masturbate for days (or even weeks) at a time?

If you’ve answered “yes” to even one of these questions, you may be a sissy. SPH training won’t help you please your significant other sexually, but you may just live a more fulfilling life emotionally. You’ll be recognized for the sissy slut that you know you already are.

Bratty Princess Deserves The Best

Can you imagine being teased mercilessly by me, an 18-year-old bratty princess, until you can’t stand it anymore? Sissy boys love (and hate) to hear me whimper about needing a big dick to ride. My tight pussy deserves to be fucked hard until I’m squirming and screaming that alpha male’s name. A dominant man taking me in hand makes me into an absolute slut. I’ll beg to be filled so much cum it’ll make a slippery creampie mess between my thighs.

The last button cock that I dated was thoroughly disappointing. He couldn’t get me off the way I wanted, so he offered to do “whatever would please you most, River.”

Sissy SPH Tumblr: Chastity

To tease and deny wasn’t enough. Wearing no panties and flashing him during dinner out was fun. Dressing up in revealing lingerie and then not letting him touch me was better. We invited a well-hung stud over to fuck me while pin-dick watched. Then he asked for cum while spreading his sissy pussy! I told him “no” so he obeyed. He didn’t earn it — yet.

After a brief search, I found sissy SPH Tumblr. The Mistresses had such brilliant ideas for the sissy clits in their lives! Facesitting, pegging, and cock cages are perfect tools to use on sissy boys. Not allowing them to touch themselves makes them beautifully submissive. I decide when and how they’ll cum.

Sissy SPH Ground Rules

  • Bigger wins. When my 5″ strap-on is larger than your acorn dick, then that means I am in charge. Sissy boys already know this intuitively I think, but sometimes it just needs to be said out loud.
  • Sissies receive new names. It may take a while to “try on” a new name, but we will settle into one that fits your situation nicely. We’ll also make sure it’s humiliating enough for you to remember who you are in relation to me, other women, and other alpha males you may come in contact with on a day-to-day basis.
  • Dress-ups. I find that sissy boys really become keenly aware of their small penis when they wear a pair of pretty girl panties. You may like lace, nylon, or cotton but the sensation of your pin-dick pressing against that fabric feels extra naughty, doesn’t it? It feels even more naughty, and somehow kind of right, when you take pictures and send them to me for SPH play later.
  • Tasks are empowering. Tasks may include things like wearing lacy panties to work, measuring yourself before and after locking a chastity device or worshipping the goddess’ feet in your own household. Your only responsibility is to give in and relish in the humiliation.

Itty Bitty Clitty Owned by ME

Clearly, no one wants that clit of a dick, so why not put it to some good use by letting me laugh at it? At least you can slip that little cock back in your pretty panties and know you’ve given me a smile for the day!

Thank you for the ideas, Sissy SPH Tumblr!

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