Bratty Teen Sex With My New Stepbrother Has My Pussy Wet!!!!

Daddy has found himself a hot new wifey. And, she comes with a sexy stepbrother for me. Of course, he is a bit shy. However, I know I can change that with my Bratty Teen Sex.

I like my new stepmom. She is smoking hot, has great taste in clothes and seems nice to me. Not only that, Daddy tells me she is super kinky and wild in the bedroom.

I am hoping that means some fun for all of us in the future. Of course, right now, I am focusing on Kyle, my new stepbrother. He is eighteen and in college already. And Daddy just told me Kyle is a virgin!

Dude, he is definitely in need of some Bratty Teen Sex!

They have all their stuff here at our house now. Kyle’s bedroom is next to mine. At night, I can hear him spanking his meat stick. Of course, I am lying in my bed finger banging to that image.

As we start coexisting, I am wearing fewer and fewer clothes around him. Every day, more skin is showing as I bend over him to get the television remote control.

Then, at night, I can hear him saying my name as he is rubbing one out. I love working him up every day just to know he is fantasizing about me and some bratty teen sex at night.

He looks at me strangely, like he thinks I am going to bite him.

Daddy has been telling me my new stepmom has been overprotective of Kyle. I guess his real dad is a total asshole, and she wanted Kyle to grow up as a better man.

I actually love that she has been raising him to be a better person. However, keeping him a virgin this long is surely some form of torture. Of course, I lay in bed and wonder, has he done anything with a girl?

Additionally, working on the timing for some bratty teen sex is keeping me busy. Finally, our parents are going out for a big “date night” this weekend. Kyle and I will be alone for twenty-four hours!

Our parents say farewell and head out for a night on the town.

I have Kyle and my evening planned out with movies and popcorn as far as he is concerned. Hahaha. Of course, that is to get him close to me on the couch.

We are sitting there watching a movie, and I act scared and slide in closer to him. He literally jumps when I get closer. I look at him and ask what is wrong. Do I scare him?

This bratty teen sex with my stepbrother may take some serious effort on my part. I explain he can relax and be my safety during the movie. He is explaining he has never interacted this close with girls.

Wow, this is wild and going to be the best bratty teen sex ever!

A hot scene comes on the screen, and he is squirming underneath me. I ask if he is okay, and he says yes, but I can feel his rod getting hard under the blanket.

I tell him it is okay to get a hardon during a sexy scene and not be embarrassed. He is blushing as I slide my hand along his thigh. I ask him to relax and trust me. He is really nervous but willing to let me go further up that thigh.

As my hand lands on the crotch of his pants, he is letting out a little peep moan. I am trying not to laugh and keep going to get my bratty teen sex. Finally, I slide my hand in his pants and start stroking up and down on his cock. He cums quickly, and now, we are ready to start the real fun tonight.

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