My sissy boys are some of my favorite people. They come to this bratty teen goddess and worship me because I am their girl. Treating them as they ask and never backing down, because I love taboo fun. I expect them to do as I command. As their diva, I want what I want, and during this time of year, my list is very long. Now is the time to start transitioning them to pay pigs.

Once they are my pay pigs, I will expect them to bring me tributes day and night. If they want my time and to play with me, they need to start giving me lots and lots of gifts. I love the holiday season for this very reason. During this lovely time of year, I expect my sweet boys to be very generous. If they are unable to do that, they can’t be my little piggies.

As a Bratty Teen Goddess, I am very demanding.

If you want to play with me, you have to be submissive and good at following directions. Once we have chatted and established you are worthy; you may be my sissy boy, and then my pay pig. You also must be generous and willing to do whatever it takes, keeping me happy. I am a high maintenance, Bratty Teen Goddess, and expect only the best from my little bitches.

So let’s get started. Tell me about yourself and why you want to be a sissy boy. Together we need to delve into all your dirty secrets. Digging down deep, tell me all. I must know all your dirt. Do you love satin panties? When did you know you were a sissy boy? Does your family know, or is it just us? Tell me everything. If you want this Bratty Teen Goddess to be her best, you have to spill all the beans.

As a sissy, do you crave men or just women?

I must know your limits. For me to be my best on our hot teen phone sex, I have to see what you are willing to do for me. If, and only if, you are willing to go down the rabbit hole with me, then I consider you worthy of being one of my little piggies. Being one of my pay pigs requires complete commitment from you.

I can’t have my little squealers second-guessing their goddess. You need to be ready to devote yourself to me and only me. You should also know the I am a true diva, loving all things sparkly and shiny. Oh, and green, money is green and gorgeous. Now, let’s start with you, proving you are worthy of being my little wanker.

Tell me, piggy, what kind of tribute do you suggest to make me happy today?

Don’t go small on this Bratty Teen Goddess either. Start big and end big is my motto. Jewelry makes me happy; electronics are always a winner; cash and gold is still a great choice as well. Cars, homes, it can go on and on, and I am happy to receive it. If you please me, I will reward you with some pleasure.

What that pleasure is, depends on what you prefer. Do you enjoy being humiliated and demeaned? Or, do you want your goddess to show you her tight young pussy? Perhaps, you are a piggy that likes the punishment. I will happily use my toys to make you feel the pain that pleases you. Therefore, to know what you need, we must spend time finding those things.

As your goddess, I will spend time learning what will make you happy, so I am delighted with tributes.

Maybe you need my Teen Goddess Chastity Control. This diva is happy to control when you cum. Using tease and denial and just pure meanness, I will keep you from cumming for a very long time. Furthermore, if you are bad, I will even start cock training you, so you only get off when fucked by big dicks. Oh, that makes my pussy tingle with excitement!

So come on little piggies, and let’s play. Mama needs a new handbag, and it has a big price tag on it. Call me so you can make me a happy girl!

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