A slutty bratty schoolgirl like me knows exactly how to have a good time!

Nobody at the party could resist a Bratty schoolgirl like me. Last weekend was a naughty night to remember. Enjoying myself while high school boys penetrate me all that chunky cock made me! I love being the center of attention in a room full of sex hungry men. Showing off my desirable curves and soft golden blond hair. Teasing their minds with my body while I please all that plump meat. Leaving me with tons of creamy cum dripping down my leg.

I walked past Brian in the hallway and noticed his eyes following me. He gave me a naughty look and waved me over. “Nice job at the party last weekend.”  He grabbed my ass. After all, I knew Brian wanted me again even though he has a hot blonde girlfriend, so I decided to play hard to get. Likewise, everyone wants to sleep with a hot bratty schoolgirl like me! I reminded him of the fun I had with him and all his buddies. He drooled and begged me to let him go for round two. I wasn’t gonna give it up that easy.

Right as the bell rang for class, I made sure I had him trapped.  

Nibbling on his ear and squeezing his crotch. Softly whispering to him “Show me how bad you want me, baby!”  I pished him away from me and walked to class without saying another word. Soon after as I was sitting in class, I got a message from ShareTime. “Tell me what you want. I’ll do whatever it takes for a bratty schoolgirl like you. -Brian” Completely distracted from my science teacher I quickly messaged back.

Then I began to send him some sexy text messages. Slowly driving him crazy telling him what I was about to do to him after class. I hit send on my last text message where to meet. Interrupted by a  hand in front of my cell phone screen. It was my lame science teacher telling me to hand over my phone. “No texting in class! Come back to get this at the end of the day” he said as he snatched my phone from my hands. What a buzz kill!

Meanwhile, I sat there very impatiently waiting for the bell the dismiss us.

My science teacher just likes to pick on Bratty schoolgirls like me. Finally, the chiming of the passing period sounded like music to my ears. Next, I swiftly gathered all my items and headed for the door. Racing down the hallway I reached the back of the school. I went around to the janitor’s closet and knocked on the door. Facing the opposite way, I felt his hands wrap around me and pulled me inside. Immediately he started kissing down my body and squeezing my titties.

Ripping off my clothes he shoved his raw meat stick all the way in my pussy! Penetrating me with all his force I struggle to hold back a moan. He fucked me so good I was almost paralyzed. Our sweaty mess was getting hotter every minute. Later on, His speed increased as he shot a fat load in my silky wet pussy. Right as we finished the closet door burst wide open!

My science teacher stood there staring with his hands crossed.    

“Exactly what do you think you are doing young lady!” For the most part, I was far too satisfied with myself for being a bratty schoolgirl slut, I didn’t have an answer for him. Soon I was moaning as Brian pulled his slippery cock out of my trembling body. “Get your things you’re coming with me,” he said as he nudged Brian to go home.

Soon after we got to his classroom, I sat in front of him as he gathered his words. He began telling me how much trouble I was going to be in. My text messages make him very upset. Feeling very surprised with how promiscuous I was. “Bratty schoolgirl like you needs to be taught a lesson for being so bad.” I squinted my eyes as I picked up his hint. “Now Sir what are you thinking?” and I licked my lips staring right at his bulge. “Get on your knees like the bratty schoolgirl slut you are.”

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