I drive my teacher crazy when I’m a bratty school girl.

It’s so hard to resist being a bratty school girl. I know how much it drives you crazy and I definitely use it to my advantage. It all started when I noticed you staring a little too hard at my short plaid skirt on the first day of class. Every time that I caught you staring you quickly looked away. That told me that you felt super guilty about checking me out and that you were definitely having some dirty thoughts. How can I use that to my advantage? I always enjoy a challenge and you are now my pet project.

Do you notice the way I always happen to be in front of you when I suddenly need to bend over for something? I’ve noticed that you can’t help but stare and even drool a little. Then it’s time for you to hide behind your desk. Just what are you trying to hide, teacher? Is it that big boner pushing out of the front of your pants? Of course, it is! You want me so bad that you can’t even see straight. Are you beating off to me every night picturing me naked? Clearly, you have got a major bratty school girl fetish and I know how to work it.

If you give me an A, I might show you my panties. If you buy me a present I might show you my hot tight teen pussy. That’s right you’ve got to work for it and show me what’s in it for me. Yes, I’m a brat so what? I’m used to being spoiled and getting exactly what I want because I know I’m worth it. Why do you want me to stay after class?

You’re gonna try to bribe me for this tight young pussy, aren’t you?

You were prepared for me this time. The expensive designer purse you brought for me is nice but all that you get for that is a flash of my bra. I guess that’s the final straw for you. Suddenly you push me over your desk, and rip my panties down to my ankles. Why are you spanking me? Ouch, that hurts!

Ok, I get it. You’re tired of me being a cock tease, you can stop now. Just give me my presents and I’ll leave. I’ll find someone else to tease. My ass feels like it’s on fire, it’s stinging for your big hand smacking down on it over and over again.

Then I suddenly feel your hand pull my pink panties to the side and you ram your throbbing hard dick deep inside my tight pussy. I can’t believe you’re doing this. Talk about taking things a little too far. You’re forcing yourself on me and it hurts! Do you have an impregnation fetish? You don’t even have a condom on! If your dick had been a little bigger and you had bought me nicer presents maybe I would have given you my hot little pussy. Oh did I forget to mention that I’m a teen size queen? I totally am. Don’t worry though, if your dick isn’t big enough for me maybe you can bribe me. That’s only if your wallet is big enough!

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