Daddy moves my hair off my shoulder and whispers, “Stop being a bratty little girl,” into my ear.

When I move my face away from Daddy’s kisses on my neck, I can see the smirk. We are both in a playful mood. And I think to myself that I’m glad he didn’t take my pouts too seriously. We arrive at the bookstore, and I start getting lost in all the big stacks of books. The whole store smells just like my happy place, and I can feel myself starting to relax and getting even more silly. I take Daddy’s hand and start to lead him around the store to find my next favorite books, leaving the warning to not be a bratty little girl far into the distance.

I get impatient very easily over little things. So, I start to rock back and forth on the balls of my heels while we wait to check out. I feel Daddy’s hand squeeze mine to remind me to wait my turn. Hmph. Waiting is never easy, but it’s easier when I have something to play with to pass the time. I gently move my hand back, and discreetly start rubbing against Daddy. Getting Daddy hard in public is one of my favorite things to do.

I can feel the wet spot on my panties start to increase, and I am more than ready to jump Daddy’s bones in the middle of the bookstore.

I start to grind more, but Daddy pulls my hand away before someone sees. Pouting noises escape my mouth, and I feel that bratty little girl come out. When our time comes in line, I hand the books to the cashier and walk right out of the store without grabbing Daddy’s hand. It’s not until we both get to the car and I see the look on Daddy’s face that I realized the mess I made. It looked like I wasn’t Daddy’s little princess anymore.

Daddy has a strong rule about not crossing the street without holding his hand. Once we start driving home, I can feel Daddy keeping his eyes diligently on the road in front of us. I start to think that he will be completely over it by the time we pull into the driveway, but that doesn’t happen. Daddy grabs my hand and leads me into the bedroom. He pushes me until I fall on the bed with my ass up in the air. I can feel the weight of Daddy behind me when he starts spanking my ass hard.

Loud thuds of Daddy’s hand hitting my ass fill the room.

“I told you not to be a bratty little girl, and you stormed off.” I start to yelp when his hand falls again. “Little girls like you shouldn’t be crossing the road alone without their Daddies to guide them,” Daddy growls. My ass is cherry red now and starts to sting. The spankings stop when Daddy sees my lip starts to quiver, and he scopes me up into the bed. He asks me if I want to suck and be a good girl now, and with a nod from me, he pulls out his cock.

I quickly put Daddy’s hard cock in my mouth, and feel my body start getting warm and fuzzy. The high that fills my body after Daddy’s hard spankings is amazing, and I start rocking my body back and forth begging for Daddy to fuck me. He looks down at me with his cock in my mouth and smirks. When I read his eyes, I know it’s going to take all night to finally get Daddy’s permission to cum.

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