Taming Daddy’s little princess was a challenge that I needed to conquer.

Olivia and I wrote a recent post about how we helped a poor unsuspecting college boy. We made him realize that he was born to please, submit, and “receive” if you know what I mean. His name is E. As fun as that true story was, it might give the impression that Olivia always gets her way. But that’s not true I say, even though she is Daddy’s little princess.

We can’t allow Olivia to control every call. You see, she is an only girl and her daddy spoils her silly.

She has a credit card with no limits and a magnificent place to live rent-free. She also hides the fact that she is like the Federal Reserve. Only except her vaults hold large deposits of cum instead of gold bars.

Daddy cannot reign her in. So it has fallen on me and our friend Valentina to step in and provide some discipline. The contrast between the two women could not be more striking – If you go to the PSK site looking for live phone sex you will see that Valentina is a tall, curvy Latin beauty.

She has a remarkable sense of fashion and she knows how to wear the best lingerie in the most sensuous way.

Valentina lives in a very open and fashionable part of the country. She loves the finer things; clubs with bottle service, rich guys paying the tab, and parties filled with gorgeous people of all types including one of our shared passions, hot trans women. (Her taste in champagne is questionable though.)

Valentina is all about the details of seduction. She undresses slowly, she uses her long nails to gently scrape your nipples in a way that sends chills up your spine, and when she takes five minutes to remove those silk stockings and shove them in your mouth you feel pleasure in slow motion.

In contrast, Olivia could not figure out a garter belt to save her life but send her to a cabin in the middle of nowhere with two dozen BBC and she knows exactly what to do. Their friendship is a mystery to me.

It is the contrast between the two that makes the fun we had with Olivia a few weeks ago even hotter. I became so worked up. It is enough that I came while writing this blog. At the outset of the call, we made clear to Olivia that she only got to participate if she behaved and followed directions. She wasn’t Daddy’s little princess tonight.

The first order of business was getting Olivia to put her nipple clamps on, the ones she and I used with E.

Valentina was quite firm about the nipple clamps.

Her electrical stimulation probes and her Lovense vibrator. Once inserted, Olivia handed over control of the vibrator to Valentina.

I told Oliva to get the wettest, nastiest panties she had. Ones that were still soaking with cum from the cocks that used her cum vaults earlier in the day and had the smell and marks of her ass.

Those went into her mouth. Hearing her try to talk and moan with those in her mouth was hot. We had Olivia give her nipple clamps three hard tugs about every three to four minutes.

It felt so good to hear her muffled cries of pain. Valentina was getting so excited that her voice was cracking. Her breathing becomes more intense.

Of course, she had stuffed a nice fat dildo in her juicy puffy Latin pussy. That pussy is a sight to behold, plush, and wet. It is a perfect place to rest your face for several hours.

Next, we had Olivia use the e-stim probe to send electronic pulses to her clit and then to her pussy lips.

For almost a full hour, Valentina was controlling the Lovense vibrator and she kept bringing Daddy’s little princess to the brink of orgasm and then backing off.

Olivia is clearly full of frustration. And it is exacerbated by the dirty sticky panties stuffed in her slutty mouth. Finally, it came time to insert that probe into her ass and send shocks through the walls of her dirty little cum hole.

We could hear Olivia moaning and whimpering at the same time. Then, Valentina ordered Oliva to take off the nipple clips and take the panties out of her mouth.

If you have ever experienced nipple clips, the only thing more painful than putting them on is taking them off.

When blood flow returns to a sore tender area it hurts – a lot. As soon as she screamed from that, Valentina maxed out the Lovense. Olivia sent more pulses bouncing off the walls of her ass.

The result is an orgasm so loud that I had to take my headset off. Oliva can barely speak when we finish. Daddy’s little Princess is finally tamed.

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